'This Is Us' Star Milo Ventimiglia Talks Being a 'Magnificent Lover': 'I Love Very Deeply'

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Milo Ventimiglia has won This Is Us viewers over as the loving, strong father and husband, Jack Pearson, and admits that it's a honor to be labeled a "sex symbol."

"I try to represent what men could be," he told Bevy Smith on her SiriusXM radio show, adding, "Which is kind, which is giving, which is not a pushover. Don't mistake that."

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Ventimiglia went on to give some advice to guys. "Just be a strong man, a good man, contribute to the world instead of taking away from it," he said. "I think in that, you're going to attract a good mate. You're going to attract someone who loves you for who you are, [and] maybe not for just how your nose is placed in relation to your chin."

Clearly taken with Ventimiglia, Bevy quipped, "I bet you're a magnificent lover, very giving."

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The 39-year-old actor agreed, responding, "Yes, I love very deeply."

Ventimiglia doesn't just have This Is Us fans swooning! In a recent interview with ET, his onscreen wife, Mandy Moore, praised her handsome co-star. "He's such a special guy, it's really not hard to have to just love him," she gushed. "I feel very safe. I feel very, like, protected with him."

"I've never really felt that with somebody I've worked with before, so I feel incredibly lucky every day just to have this job, but then to get to work with him every day, too," Moore added. "I know I'm in good hands."

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