Allison Williams and Samuel L. Jackson Compare Notes on Shooting Sex Scenes

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Sometimes things can get a little too steamy on set! Allison Williams visited Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Thursday where talk quickly turned to shooting sex scenes.

One caller asked if Williams thought that show creator Lena Dunham was punishing her for not doing nudity on Girls by giving her the most frequent and explicit sex scenes.

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“Probably. Or just to like, even it out a little bit to make it seem like, a little bit more fair,” Williams said. “There's one scene that I think anyone who watches our show will know what I'm talking about, that felt a little bit like, 'Alright, if this is what you want to watch, then it's my job to do it!'”

Williams also noted that her on-screen romps no longer make her self conscious.

“It doesn't bother me anymore at this point, I have the distinction of having done the most sex scenes on our show so at this point, whatever,” she said.

Host Cohen then asked about the awkward moments on-set while shooting those scenes, directing his question to both Williams and fellow guest Samuel L. Jackson.

Cohen said, “Mel D texted, ‘What's worse? When a guy gets a boner during a sex scene, or when he doesn't?’”

“We debate this a lot because it is flattering but upsetting when it happens,” Williams admitted. “And it is also upsetting and unflattering when it doesn't happen. So the best case scenario is kind of like, a suggestion of it excitement without the actual physical manifestation of it.”

Jackson noted that he tries to cover all of his bases, saying, “See I always apologize first. ‘I'm sorry if I do, and I'm sorry if I don't.’ That generally works.”

When Jackson admitted that he’s only ever done about three sex scenes in his lengthy career, Williams exclaimed, “Ooh! We found the one way I have more experience than you.”

As for hopes for a Girls movie after the sixth and final season has wrapped, Williams had no new information for fans.

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“I have no deets except for my own hopes,” she admitted. “I have come up with this whole story where Marnie and Elijah end up getting married and they just have a really modern relationship where they both have their own sexual lives but they have babies and sing. But none of that is confirmed.”

For more from Williams, watch the clip below!