Kids Hilariously Crash Dad's Very Serious Live Interview on BBC -- Watch!


When BBC booked Professor Robert E. Kelly for an interview on Friday, they were actually booking the whole family.

Kelly's kids made a hilarious cameo during his live Skype interview, toddling into his office while he discussed the South Korea impeachment scandal.

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"And what will it mean for the wider region -- I think one of your children has just walked in," BBC World presenter James Menendez told Kelly as his young daughter proudly opened his door, and came strolling up behind him.


Not missing a beat, Kelly casually pushed his daughter back from his desk, but not before his baby came rolling in via walker.

"My apologies," Kelly repeated as a woman slid into his office to collect the children, knocking over several books in the process.


The woman quickly wrangled the children, and Kelly resumed his interview -- but the internet never forgets.

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