EXCLUSIVE: Chris Soules on Doing 'Bachelor in Paradise,' Why Being the Bachelor is 'a Son of a B**ch'

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Chris Soules is single and ready to mingle -- and might be heading to Paradise to do it!

During a Facebook Live interview with ET's Lauren Zima on Friday, the former Bachelor revealed that he's been asked to do Bachelor in Paradise -- but admitted that he's hesitant because of his past with the franchise.

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"I've already been asked, and I don't know what to do," Soules confessed, asking out loud if it's a good idea to find love on television again. "I've gotten chubby. That's my main concern. Those guys have abs and sh*t!"

Though the Iowa native said he knows he "would have a ton of fun" on Paradise, he also confessed he's more skeptical about finding love since being the Bachelor -- and says that living "in the middle of nowhere" doesn't help.

"It's probably the longest I've ever been single since I was with my first fiancee," Soules said of his current love life. "I'ts been really hard to actually date and have a consistent, good dating life since the show. It's been weird. Really weird."

"You wonder about [if a woman is just after fame]," he continued. "[It's] hard to even understand or know what their true intentions are."

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While swimming through the dating pool can be difficult, Soules said being the Bachelor wasn't a walk in the park either -- even calling the process a "son of a b**ch."

"Go on it because you want to meet somebody at least. Have the right intentions," he advised. "Don't go on it just because you want to be famous, because 1, people will see that, and they'll call you out on it without you knowing."

"The producers know you better than you know yourself when you go on the show. If they see you just wanting to use the show for an avenue to make money, that's not what they want. If you go on there, they're going to exploit that," he explained. "I think that's why it worked out well for me. I did it for the right reasons and was true about that the entire time, and that's why I have no regrets. I could care less. I could go back to zero social media followers and be just as happy."

"You need to know yourself before you do it," he added.

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Things didn't exactly work out for Soules on his season -- he turned down Becca Tilley on his season finale to propose to Whitney Bischoff, only to have the relationship end months later -- but he said he didn't feel "pressured" to propose.

"The whole environment from the beginning just lends itself to being pressured to do it," he revealed. "It's ingrained into the whole structure of the show."

"You go into it, with 'I believe my wife is here.' That's the first thing I'm telling the camera, so you're telling yourself that, as well," he said. "You go through it and you're convincing yourself that she's here and this is it, but there was nobody saying, 'Hey Chris, you need to do this.' They were very conscious of saying, 'It's you man, it's on you.'"

"Even the ones who were closest to me, towards the end they were like, 'It's you man. It's hard enough for them to be part of it. I know it's emotionally hard for those producers to be involved, especially towards the end. They're with me 15 hours a day, dealing with me and my emotions. They're conscious and mindful to try not to sway you, especially towards the end."

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Two years after his Bachelor finale, Soules -- who spends his time working with the Seeds of Change Foundation, as well as several other projects in addition to his farming in Iowa -- said the show ultimately "opened up a lot of doors" for him.

"It's so weird to still be talking about about all of this," he said, before recalling that on his first Bachelorette audition, a guy told him the show wouldn't change his life very much.

"[I expected] zero effect, zero anything, and then it's really, truly changed my life," he confessed, "but thankfully it's not changed me."

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