EXCLUSIVE: Chris Soules Talks Nick Viall's True Intentions Ahead of 'Bachelor' Finale: 'He Loves the Spotlight

The 35-year-old farmer also discussed the 'shady move' surrounding his breakup with Whitney Bischoff.

Chris Soules is weighing in Nick Viall's journey to find love!

The former Bachelor sat down with ET's Lauren Zima for a Facebook Live interview on Friday, where he opened up about Viall's true intentions before he hands out his final rose -- and the "shady move" related to his own Bachelor break up.

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"If he picks anybody, it'll be Vanessa," Soules candidly declared, before revealing that he's also got a crush on the Canadian beauty -- but "hopes" it works out for Viall.

The 35-year-old farmer -- who competed against Viall for Andi Dorfman's heart on The Bachelorette, but later became friends with the Milwaukee native -- also "hopes" Viall has good intentions.

"It's easy to date [after becoming a part of Bachelor Nation]. Girls know who you are," Soules said. "But I know it's not hard for Nick to date anymore. Living in LA, you have a lot of options. I hope it works out for him just in general, that he's truly found somebody."

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Soules and Viall have definitely become close -- so much so, that "Prince Farming" says he knows Viall "wants to be famous."

"He loves being famous. He loves the spotlight, he really truly does. If he wouldn't admit that, he's lying," he revealed.

"I love the guy to death and there's nothing wrong with that," he added, saying that couples can have both fame and love. "The most successful couples are the ones who stay together."

As for Viall's upcoming appearance on Dancing With the Stars, Soules said that after four times on Bachelor franchise shows, Viall's "got it down."

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"I've talked to him. I think the guy's got it down. He's kind of a reality television pro. He knows what he's getting into, and he's been wanting do this for a long time and good for him," he said, reminiscing on his own time on the show. "I finished fifth I think. I'm hoping he finishes sixth, sorry Nick! Just kidding, you're a better dancer than me."

As Viall's Bachelor season comes to a close, Soules also reflected on his own time on the series, and his breakup with ex-fiancee (and final pick) Whitney Bischoff.

"I know that when we ended things, there were going to be lots of people that weren't very happy with me," he said, adding that having to tell the world that they had split was "really hard."

"We called and told [Bachelor boss] Mike Fleiss and he tweeted things out... it was a very weird situation," revealed Soules, who now spends his time working with the non-profit Seeds of Change in addition to several other projects. "I guess you get what you signed up for, right? I don't expect any sympathy, but it's a very weird situation. It was very difficult."

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"It was kind of a shady move. It was kind of disappointing," he added. "Having to announce it in the first place was weird."

"You do get to a new reality after the show's over, so you start to learn and figure out if the relationship is going to work," he said of himself and Bischoff (who is now engaged to another man). "Having it not work was really disappointing."

These days, Soules says he's still on good terms with Bischoff and ex Kaitlyn Bristowe (who later became the Bachelorette), but they have "very minimal contact." In fact, he has the best relationship with runner up Becca Tilley's dad and brother... who he texts "a lot."

Tilley is currently dating Bachelorette alum Robert Graham, recently opened up about her new relationship to ET. 

Hear more about the new romance in the video below.