EXCLUSIVE: Demi Lovato Talks New Boyfriend, Sober Birthdays and R-Rated 'Camp Rock'

The singer opened up to ET about staying healthy and happy while working on new projects.

Demi Lovato
is celebrating a major milestone, her fifth "sober birthday," and the singer is getting candid about how she's managed to stay on a healthy path for the last half-decade.

"It feels amazing," the "Confident" singer told ET's Lauren Zima at the 2017 Kid's Choice Awards on Saturday. "All I've been doing is focusing on bettering myself. It's been quite the journey, but it's well worth it."

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According to Lovato, the biggest obstacle she was able to overcome to get to this point in her recovery was leaning to "surrender," and admit the truth about your vices.

"Surrendering is the most important thing whenever you're trying to battle your demons," Lovato shared. "You have to admit that you have a problem first, and then you can overcome them."

The songstress said she's always willing to help however she can when people come to her for advice on their own mental health journeys.

"People have reached out and I've been able to help," she explained. "Some people it helps, some people that's their own journey. But, if anyone ever needs anything, I'm always around."

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The singer also opened up about a new force of support in her life, her boyfriend Guilherme Vasconcelos. According to Lovato, their burgeoning relationship is "going really good."

"I'm just having fun, you know? And my life is in a really good place right now," she shared, adding that the thing that makes her smile the most about her new beau is his sense of humor. "He makes me laugh."

While enjoying her healthy and sober life, Lovato is hard at work on a number of new projects, including new music!

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"I'm in the studio right now, every single day," she said. "I was just listening to some on the way over here, I'm really excited for everyone to hear it."

According to her, the new tunes are "definitely going [to be] more soulful."

While waiting for new tracks, Lovato joked that fans can also start to get excited about the possibility of her and Joe Jonas working on an R-Rated Camp Rock movie, based on their Disney Channel family flick.

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"Yes, and we're totally gonna do it," Lovato teased. "It'd be like American Pie meets Disney Channel… It's going to happen."

Recently, Jonas opened up about the possibility of a "dark" and "adult" Camp Rock follow-up while sitting down with Marie Claire, adding that he and his former co-star have "joked around about the idea a couple times." Check out the video below to hear more.