Criss Angel Speaks Out After Straitjacket Stunt Sends Him to the Hospital: 'The Risks Are No Joke'

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The 49-year-old illusionist is opening up about that scary stunt.

Criss Angel is opening up about that scary stunt.

The 49-year-old magician spoke out on Monday after recovering from a scary incident at Friday night's Mindfreak Live! performance.

During the show, Angel lost consciousness while attempting an upside down straitjacket escape, after which he was promptly rushed to the hospital.

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"This is real," Angel told ABC News of the incident. "I blur the line between reality and illusion but this demonstration and the risks that are at stake are no joke."

Fascinatingly, the magician returned to the stage one night after the accident to perform the same stunt that left him unconscious at the previous show.

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"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger and for me it's always about pushing my envelope," Angel said.

Audience member Ryan Perez told ET after the accident that Angel's set seemed to be going "perfectly normal" prior to the accident.

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“He did one of his trademark tricks in which he’s suspended from the ceiling and he has to escape a straitjacket. They reeled him up with his feet facing the ceiling and his head facing the stage and as he was going up they set a timer for thirty seconds and he was supposed to wiggle out of the straitjacket before the timer ended," Perez explained. "So he’s wiggling, he’s turning super fast in mid-air trying to get out of it and about when there was five seconds left suddenly he just stops wiggling. He’s still going in a circle, because he had been doing that before, but he just kind of went limp."

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