Mama June Says She Paid for Her Own Weight-Loss Surgeries 'Just Like Everybody Else'


Mama June's multiple weight loss surgeries came out of her own pocket.

The 37-year-old reality star recently appeared on iHeartRadio's Domenick Nati Show, when she revealed that she paid for her own surgeries, which WE tv has been documenting on her docu-dramedy, Mama June: From Not to Hot. She says she did plenty of research before going under the knife, in part because she had to pay for it all herself.

"A lot of people ask that -- no, I have to pay just like everybody else," Mama June clarified on the radio show, explaining why she decided to undergo gastric sleeve surgery first before tackling any other part of her body.

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Mama June says her plan all along was to undergo weight loss surgery, regardless of any reality show.

"With or without cameras, I was going to do this journey, you know, no matter what," she said. "It was gonna happen whether I had them or not."

ET reached out to WE tv, who confirmed that Mama June did indeed pay for her own surgeries.

The mother of four also said she would encourage her daughters to undergo any surgery if it would make them "more confident."

"You need to do your research, definitely," she noted.

ET sat down with Mama June's daughters, 11-year-old Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson and 17-year-old Lauryn "Pumpkin" Thompson, last month, when they revealed that their mother first underwent gastric sleeve surgery in May 2015, then surgery to remove excess skin after weight loss, and finally, surgery on her breasts -- which all led to a stunning transformation. The sisters noted that their mother was much happier after her significant weight loss, and feeling much more confident.

"I kind of didn't want her to do it before, but after she did it, I'm very happy," Alana admitted, referring to the risks of weight-loss surgery.

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"I'm not trying to be all R-rated or whatever, but, she'll walk around the house in a pair of underwear!" Lauryn later joked about her mom's current self-confidence. "I'm like, 'June, put your pants on, put your pants on!'"

ET also sat down with the man who helped whip Mama June into shape, trainer Kenya Crooks. Watch below: