Mama June's Daughter Anna 'Chickadee' Cardwell Slams Mom's Weight Loss: She Did It 'Just to Be More Famous'

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With "Mama June" Shannon's shocking weight-loss journey currently being documented on the WE tv reality series Mama June: From Not to Hot, many fans have speculated whether the star underwent drastic surgery for her own health, or if it was all to get back in the spotlight.

According to Mama June's estranged daughter, Anna "Chickadee" Cardwell, the former Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star's weight loss was motivated by fame.

"I think she did it just to be more famous," Anna told E! News. "I don't think she did it just for her because she never mentioned anything ever before about getting plastic surgery."

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Mama June, however, has said she was planning to undergo plastic surgery whether it was part of a reality series or not.

"With or without cameras, I was going to do this journey no matter what," the 37-year-old mother of four recently told iHeartRadio's The Domenick Nati Show. And she had to pay the hefty price "just like everybody else."

For gastric sleeve surgery, a breast lift, a tummy tuck, and skin removal surgery on the arms and neck, it's estimated that Mama June could have paid upwards of $50,000.

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But Anna isn't buying the idea that her mom would have done it without the promise of another reality series, adding that, in her opinion, Mama June "did get herself out there to get another show."

"I don't think she did it or anything for herself," she added. "If she would have done it for herself, she would have tried to lose the weight a long time ago."

Anna also revealed that she's been approached to do a new reality show as well, but said, "I doubt it's going to happen."

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Although, that doesn't mean she wouldn't be interested. Anna admitted, "I miss being on film, miss being on TV. I miss it for the money and I miss it for, you know, getting out there -- for people just to see my story and stuff like that."

Anna and her mother allegedly had a falling out over money. The 22-year-old reality star claims Mama June still owes her and her daughter, Kaitlyn, a sizable sum from their old reality series, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

For more on Mama June's weight-loss journey and impressive body transformation, check out the video below.

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