Elizabeth Banks and Jimmy Fallon Try to Set Their Kids Up, But First There Are Some Questions to Answer!

Banks' young boys aren't quite ready to commit.

Playing matchmaker! Elizabeth Banks visited The Tonight Show on Thursday, where she brought up the fact that she and Jimmy Fallon have been trying to set their kids up.

Fallon is dad to 3-year-old Winnie and 2-year-old Frances, while Banks is mom to 5-year-old Felix and 4-year-old Max. Though their proud parents thought the kids would be a good match, Banks’ boys had some questions for Fallon’s girls first.

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“So Felix, he wants to know, first of all, Winnie, does she have a job? That's the main thing he wants to know, does she have a job?” Banks asked a laughing Fallon.

“Unfortunately no, it's been a tough year,” the Tonight Show host quipped.

Felix was also curious about whether Winnie was a “nice person or a tricky person,” though he admitted that was a tough question to get a proper answer to.

“He said, 'If they are a tricky person, probably they would lie about it and say they're not'...just so you know,” Banks said.

Fallon tried to assure the Power Rangers star that his eldest daughter was very, very nice, but she didn’t seem to buy it. Plus, she still had some more questions from Felix.

“The main thing he wanted to know is if she'd be willing to come and live with his mom and dad,” Banks asked, to which Fallon replied, “She’ll consider it.”

Things took an unexpected turn when Felix wanted to know if Winnie had ever been electrocuted.

“Probably she will say no, but if she does say yes, I say, I don’t believe it,” Banks read her son’s comments.

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Watch the clip to see the response!

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