EXCLUSIVE: See a 96-Year-Old Backstreet Boys Fangirl Meet Her Idols: 'They Keep Me Young!'

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The Backstreet Boys have officially kicked off their long-awaited 'Larger Than Life' residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas and one fangirl fulfilled her 16-year dream to come face-to-face with her idols again -- 96-year-old BSB devotee Adeline Stevens!

The longtime fan rocked up to The AXIS Theater with her 61-year-old daughter, Karen, and 32-year-old granddaughter, Kim, where she was thrilled to meet the group before their show.

Justin Segura

“That was amazing! It was a fantastic,” Adeline told ET afterwards, still a little shell-shocked from the meet-and-greet. “I love those guys!”

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Unlike many of us, who discovered the boy band in their teens and will still be rocking up to their shows in their nineties, Adeline was the ripe ol’ age of 80 when she first fell in love with Nick Carter, AJ McLean, Howie Dorough, Kevin Richardson and B­rian Littrell.

And while the dream encounter marked 16 years, to the day, since she first met the boys, Littrell immediately recognized her as she walked in.

“We walked in and Brian was like, ‘This is not your first time here. I know you!’” said Kim, who flew in from New York and escorted her grandma to the meet-and-greet before the pair were joined by their mom/daughter Karen for the concert.

Justin Segura

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“He remembered me!” said Adeline afterwards. “It’s been 16 years… that’s incredible.”

Justin Segura

McLean sweetly greeted Adeline with a “hello gorgeous” and big hug, while Carter adorably gave her a gentle cuddle then was puzzled about her age. “She’s 96?” he asked, in disbelief. “She looks so young!”

Adeline, who later told us age is about how you feel and BSB help “keep me young,” also baffled Dorough with her youthful looks, with the singer asking Kim, “Is this your mom?”

Richardson then thanked the pair for coming and told Adeline he’d be looking out for her “rocking out” at the show.

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Kim was just 13 when her best friend invited her to see BSB -- who she hadn’t heard of at the time -- in Hartford, Connecticut. “I just remember thinking, ‘This is absolutely amazing,’” she recalls. “I was stunned and I’ve been in love with them ever since. It was like someone flipped a switch and I was a totally different person. It’s been 18 years and they’ve always been there as the one constant -- something I could always turn on to calm me when I was upset or having a bad day.”

Kim’s fandom rubbed off on her mom, Karen, who escorted her to many of the 40 concerts she’s been to over the years. “She created a monster,” jokes Karen. The pair then took Adeline to BSB’s “Black and Blue” tour in Las Vegas on March 8, 2001.

“We took her to a show and that was the end of that,” laughs Kim. “She was in awe. I’ve been taking her ever since. She goes to the afterparties and everything. We usually take her to a quiet corner, but she wants to be in the action. A few times we said we were going without her and she won’t have it.”

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“It was such a magnificent performance,” recalls Adeline about her first show. “I loved everything about it. They make you laugh, put on a great performance and they’re all fun. I love all their music and dancing and all the crazy things they do. They’re just so much fun.”

For Kim and Karen, there’s nothing more special than being able to share their love for BSB with Adeline.

“Watching her at a concert bring tears to your eyes,” says Karen.

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“It’s incredible,” adds Kim. “To be able to share this with both of them is so much fun.”

So, who’s gran’s favorite BSB?

“I like them all,” says the great-great-grandmother, whose other big musical love is Engelbert Humperdinck. “I can’t say I like one better than the other because they’re all great at what they do!”

Check out the video below for more.

Video courtesy of Lauren Roberts.