Abby Lee Miller's Biggest Revelations: From 'Dance Moms' & 'Dancing With the Stars' Drama to Prison & Dating

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Abby Lee Miller isn't holding anything back!

The 50-year-old dance instructor, who announced via Instagram that she officially quit Dance Moms earlier this week, exclusively sat down with ET on Wednesday. During our interview, she opened up about everything from her six years on the reality show to why she's still single to the possibility of serving prison time after pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud last June.

Now, ET's breaking down the 11 bombshells we learned from her candid tell-all.

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1. While Miller says Lifetime doesn't think of her as 'talent,' she considers herself their 'savior.'

"This was a long time coming with the network to change things," Miller told ET. "I pitched a show to Lifetime thinking in the back of my mind, these kids will be teenagers, we need to change this up. I wanted to transition them into a scripted show with a different vibe. Every five years I could have done the show. The mothers like to think it was all their kids, even though some of the original kids aren't even on there anymore."

"If reality shows existed 25 years ago, I could have done this show with five different kids and five different moms -- the kids should be off the show when they hit 14," she continued. "According to Lifetime, I don't know anything about TV. I'm not talent. Not considered 'talent' by Lifetime. I'd like to say I'm their savior, but that would be cocky."

2. She was NOT let go by the network.

"I was not fired, I haven't even heard from them yet AND I got a call time for today -- let's make that clear, I still got a call time to come to work today," she said on Wednesday. "They sent me an e-mail, you guys can have a copy -- it's crazy!"

"I think they think I'm nuts, No. 1, and that money solves everything," she joked. "I walked away from a lot of money."

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3. Despite her anger with Lifetime, she's happy for Cheryl Burke, who will be replacing her as a guest choreographer.

"I think that's great," Miller said. "I only met her once at a housewarming party a couple weeks ago. We just talked briefly and that was it."

"I'm glad that someone who has worked on a network show for as long as she has [as a dance pro on ABC's] Dancing With the Stars is going to see what I've been working with for seven seasons," she added. "I don't think she's replacing me, I think it's going to be a different vibe."

4. However, she warns Burke that she definitely has her work cut out for her.

"I chose to quit because I don't want to fight for a great idea, I don't want to fight for better music, I don't want to fight for a bigger costume budget," Miller explained. "Wait until Cheryl Burke deals with that."

"At Dancing With the Stars, they have two floors, an entire building of seamstresses sewing, rhinestoning, [adding] fringe," she continued. "She's going to have to run downtown and buy something off the street in her own car in rush hour traffic after we wrap when everything's closing. That's what I did for six years."

But at the same time, Miller thinks that Burke may be "treated differently."

"I bet you the budget is completely different, and I bet you she is never driving her car, with her [own] gas, getting parking tickets that she has to pay, walking up and down the streets looking for fabric on her feet," she added. "Hell yes [she's going to be treated differently]. Lifetime, Collins Avenue especially, looks at me like I was this down-and-out podunk dance teacher from Pittsburgh that they saved. Yet, I go to a cocktail party in Los Angeles and producers say, 'You saved Lifetime.'"

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5. Now that she's done with Dance Moms, she wants to join Dancing With the Stars.

"I've been invited to do Dancing With the Stars three times, but Lifetime said no," she claimed. "See? I had this crazy contract. I even read it in court and the judge was like, 'Huh?' It was hilarious. The contract was so rigid, no one would ever sign that, but I didn't know what I was doing. The contract was put on stage ... pen put in my hand by someone. The deal was unfair, but we have amended it over and over and over and over."

6. She's not ready for prison.

"No, no. No, no. I have to save my tears for the pillow," said Miller, who is still awaiting her sentence, when asked if she's prepared to spend some time behind bars. "I believe my attorneys in Pittsburgh have hired someone that prepares you, that prepares you mentally, physically, everything."

"People ask me, 'Aren't you worried? Aren't you this, aren't you that?' I can't think about it," she added. "I have to live every day. In the end, I have to believe that everything will work out and the truth will come out. I think there's a lot more to it, there's a lot more moving parts to this case … like I teach my kids, life is not fair."

7. She claims her upcoming sentencing had nothing to do with her quitting.

When asked if the possibility of her going to jail was the reason behind her quitting the show so abruptly, Miller replied, "No, absolutely not. Let's make that clear -- absolutely not."

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8. Will she ever return to Dance Moms in the future?

Prior to our interview with Miller, a source close to production previously told ET that she was becoming unreasonable, and had started making demands after taking a three-week hiatus.

"She's spiraling and making decisions that most people would think are not smart," the source said at the time.

"The dust is not gonna settle until that producer is DEAD and they cremate him and the dust is there. That's the dust," Miller exclaimed. "I don't know if it's drawing my line in the sand, but I'm fed up. You could have had a great show. You could have had my scripted show. My new mini show -- this show could have gone on indefinitely."

9. She sees herself as much younger than her actual age, which is why she thinks she's still single.

"My problem is my standards are too high," she dished. "I have really high standards and in my mind, I'm young -- I'm like 22, 23, 24… that's like the age."

10. But she doesn't want to stay single forever… she's looking for love!

"You know, I make decisions all day, so it's nice for a woman like me to go to dinner and have the man take the menu and say, 'Let me order,'" she said. "Other women would be offended by that but I'm like, 'Good. Because I can't make one more decision today.' I want someone to rub my feet without being asked."

11. She doesn't regret not having kids.

"Well, that time has come and gone," she said when asked if she'd ever like to have children someday. "Thank you for thinking I'm so young. But I feel like I've raised so many children."

"The show depicts the moms sitting in my waiting room, talking, degrading my work, slandering me and my business," she added. "That's what the show's based on. Nobody sees the relationship between the kids because it's changed because mothers are so involved now. But many years ago, I drove those kids back and forth to New York City for their auditions."

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