'Biggest Loser' Host Bob Harper Calls Out Haters One Month After Heart Attack

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The 50-year-old personal trainer hits back at ' awful ' Instagram comments.

Bob Harper has no time
 ​for the​ haters!

The Biggest Loser host, who is on the mend after suffering a heart attack ​in February​, has been sticking to a mostly-vegan diet, but it seems that some of Harper's Instagram followers have an issue with his food choices.

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On Thursday, Harper took to Instagram to hit back at "awful" Instagram commenters claiming he would have another heart attack from eating fish.

"To all the vegans out there that follow me and tell me that I'm gonna have another heart attack if I continue to eat fish, PLEASE refrain from posting those awful comments," Harper captioned a snapshot of a veggie burger with asparagus. "They are just plain hateful and mean. I will continue to do what my doctors feel is right for me in my situation so please just unfollow me instead. In the words of one of my best friends, you do you and I'll do me. #heartattacksurvivor#noroomforhaters."

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Harper's food rant was in response to a post on Thursday of his "heart healthy lunch" at the Mercer Hotel in New York.

While some were slamming Harper's fish dish, others came to his defense.

"Nobody has a right to criticize, or lecture someone about their choices @trainerbob is making an informed choice at the recommendation of physicians who know his prognosis better than a bunch of social media followers," one fan wrote. "If you can't support a person on the road to recovery you are best to stay away."

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In February, Harper revealed on social media that he had suffered a heart attack. The 50-year-old personal trainer followed up with a sweet message thanking fans for the "outpouring of love and support."

"It feels good to be cared about," Harper said. "I've been home for eight days now. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I'm lucky to have such good friends and family to take care of me right now."

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