Kendall Jenner Is Nearly Unrecognizable With Platinum Blonde Hair in New Pepsi Commercial

The 21-year-old model is the new face of Pepsi.

Kendall Jenner, is that you?

The 21-year-old model sports platinum blonde locks in her new commercial for Pepsi.

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The two-minute "Jump In" ad, which was released worldwide on Tuesday, shows Jenner posing for the camera before becoming distracted by a protest heading down the street. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star then dramatically rips off her blonde wig, smears off her deep lipstick and joins the the crowd in their demonstration.

As for how Pepsi works into all of this? Well, Jenner, now sporting a casual blue silk bomber jacket and light wash jeans, finds herself at the protest's front lines, where she combats police resistance by sharing a can of the soda. Problem solved!

Watch the commercial below:

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While Jenner couldn't look cooler in the new ad, it turns out there's another look she just "needs" to have: Cindy Crawford's vintage head-to-toe Pepsi ensemble.

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"[Crawford's Pepsi commercial] is actually one of my all-time favorite commercials," Jenner told "I used to watch it on YouTube all the time. But since this [new Pepsi ad] is supposed to be a secret from everyone, I haven't talked to her about it, but I'm excited to do it after it comes out. She just posted the most epic Instagram wearing all-Pepsi everything. I was like, 'I need this outfit. I need to find the whole thing on eBay somewhere.'" 

But sporting Crawford's iconic look might not be the best way to fly under the radar.

"Being able to slip away, that's actually something that I'm trying to be professional at sometimes. Any time I can get away I'm very happy. Any one of my friends can vouch for me on that one. I love trying to escape, because getting chased by paparazzi, it can affect my mood and my day," Jenner explained. "And the paparazzi, you know, it's come to a point where it's got to chill out."

"Anytime I'm in a city that I'm not in a lot, it's worse because [the photographers] don't see me all the time. It makes it more of a thing to 'catch' me," she continued. "When I'm in LA, they wait outside my house, but I can always find my way out of it. I guess because it's home. I can drive myself. I know my way around. I can get away from it. But a place like New York is pretty bad, to be honest."

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Being chased by paparazzi hasn't necessarily made it harder for Jenner to make friends, however. The model said it's always been difficult to earn her trust.

"It's more like I'm a cat, and you have to earn my trust. It's a feeling I get when I finally trust people. My gut lets me do it," she shared. "There's an instinct that I have to listen to."

Jenner was recently spotted out and about with Paris Jackson. See more in the video below.

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