EXCLUSIVE: Mama June Breaks Down Every Step of Her Weight Loss Journey: From Surgery Scars to New Clean Diet

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Mama June Shannon's incredible total body transformation definitely took plenty of hard work, as well as lots of patience when it came to seeing the results she wanted.

ET sat down with the 37-year-old reality star on Tuesday after her epic weight-loss reveal, when she detailed all of the surgery she's undergone, and the diet she's following to keep her weight in the 160s after previously weighing 460 pounds. Mama June got the gastric sleeve in May, had a breast lift and a tummy tuck in November, then underwent surgery on her neck, arms and chin in December.

"When I started losing weight and people were telling me how my clothes were, and then when I realized that I wanted the skin stuff done -- especially my stomach and my arms -- I went and had the gastric sleeve done, and then I went and had my stomach and my breasts done, and then I had my arms and my chin done," she tells ET's Jennifer Peros. "And so, it kind of makes me feel like y'all are seeing me what I've always seen myself as."

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"I feel OK," she adds about how she's feeling physically four months later. "I still have numbness a little bit [in my face] ... outside of that, I don't feel nothing. I didn't feel nothing."

She also reveals just how many pounds of skin was removed from her body.

"It's nine pounds on my stomach, and a pound a piece on my arms, and then maybe a half a pound of my neck," she shares, estimating that she's lost a total of 12 pounds in skin alone. "I had been wanting the surgery and the arms done for quite a long time. You have to have this kind of gastro thing done, and then you have to wait six months."

Mama June says she never stayed overnight in the hospital after undergoing any of her procedures, and showed us the visible scars from her arm surgery.


While she says surgery to remove her loose skin was "more aggravating" than painful, she did have a hard time with the gastric sleeve.

"I think that the gastric sleeve was the worst," she says. "Because it reminded me of having C-sections ... like, squishing a baby out I'd have a C-section."

Mama June says she feels like a different person after the surgeries.

"I mean, sometimes I do feel a little bit tired at times, but for the most part, I feel really good," she notes. "I mean, I'm able to get around more, I'm able to do more and stuff like that, so for me, it's got its advantages and its disadvantages."

The reality star is now working hard to maintain her weight loss. Unfortunately, she says she hasn't been able to exercise as much as she wants to due to her back-to-back surgeries, as well as her busy schedule. She is, however, mindful of her diet, and says that these days, she isn't able to snack anytime she wants. She also gave us an example of her daily meal plan, which doesn't include eating breakfast.

"I don't eat breakfast because I don't get up until noon," she explains. "So it's more like grapes, cheese -- at nights, chicken -- and maybe sometimes also rice and then a bean, or a potato or something."

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The mother of four says she's currently wearing a size five in jeans, and determined to keep off the weight. She also says she's done with having more surgery.

"Hell no!" she says when asked if she'll undergo any more surgery. "[But] I will do whatever it takes. You have to exercise, you have to maintain. A lot of people think [if] you have the surgeries, nothing else has to be done."

"I will never go back to what I looked like," she adds.

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