EXCLUSIVE: Richard Gere Reflects on 'Pretty Woman' and 'An Officer and a Gentleman' All These Years Later

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It's hard to believe how many years have passed since Richard Gere charmed audiences in hits like Pretty Woman and An Officer and a Gentleman, but the 67-year-old actor's clearly still got it. 

ET's Lauren Zima caught up with the silver fox at the premiere of his new film, Norman, in Los Angeles on Wednesday, where he opened up about how he's managed to get better with age -- and said a lot of it has to do with diet.

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"I haven't eaten meat really since I was 27. That was 40 years ago," Gere said. "It does help. It's kind of amazing. I feel like I have more energy."

Still, the actor (who is currently dating 34-year-old Alejandra Silva) says nothing compares to the shape he was in while filming 1982's An Officer and a Gentleman.

"I remember how great of shape I was in. I was in amazing shape," he recalled. "Then, after shooting, I was doing two more hours of karate to do the karate scenes in the movie, so I've never been quite like that since."

As for what he took away from 1990's Pretty Woman, Gere said it was the friendships -- mainly with Julia Roberts.

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"[I still talk to her] all the time. I spoke to her three or four times a day," he revealed. "I would call her right now."

Still, Gere says fans shouldn't get their hopes up that the pair would reunite for a possiblePretty Woman musical. 

"No, of course [I wouldn't appear in the musical]," he confessed.

For now, Gere's busy with his latest role in Norman, which many insist might be one of the best performances of his career.

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"First of all, it's like every movie I do, they say, 'He's never been better!'" he joked. "Like, I've been really terrible before and now he finally figured out how to do this."

hits theaters on April 14.

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