EXCLUSIVE: Kelly Rowland Dishes on Parenting Advice She Got From Beyonce & Other Famous Moms

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Kelly Rowland
has learned a lot about motherhood in the two and a half years since welcoming son Titan, and she's opening up about how her support network of famous friends helped guide her through some challenging times.

ET's Jennifer Peros sat down with the former Destiny's Child singer in New York City on Wednesday, where she dished on the advice she got from some of her fellow entertainers -- including Beyonce and her sister, Solange, as well as her own mother, who passed away one month after she and husband Tim Witherspoon welcomed their little boy in November 2014.

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"I remember feeling a little bit overwhelmed at one time and they were just like, 'You're gonna love as you go,'" she shared. "[What] I love the most is that they didn't just say, 'Oh, well just do this.' They weren't telling me to do... They were allowing me to figure it out on my own and I'm so appreciative to them for that."

However, Rowland explained that, in her experience, there's not much of a difference between moms who are celebrities and mothers who aren't.

"We [all] just love hard. It doesn't matter if you're a celebrity mom or a mom that is a stay-at-home mom or a mom that is figuring it out and trying to balance yourself and work, we're all in this together," she said, adding that she's exceedingly thankful for having other mothers to reach out to in times of need.

"I completely have them all on speed dial and will ask them any question under the sun," Rowland shared. "I am not ashamed."

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The tables might be turning soon, however, as Beyonce prepares to welcome twins with husband Jay Z, a feat Rowland admits she finds overwhelming.

"I can't imagine going from one to... three [or] four, like, that's so crazy," she admitted. "I mean, a dear friend of mine, Pharrell and his beautiful wife Helen, just had triplets. They went from one to four, they're super people."

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Rowland also said that one of the best things about having friends with kids is that it gives Titan a chance to connect with other children and learn the value of friendship.

"I love playdates because [they make him] happy," she said, adding that Titan already has his own circle of besties. "He has his two favorite best friends and they play Thomas the train and he has the cutest little social life. His little social circle is really fly."

Rowland is using her experiences as a mom and the vast pool of advice and support she's cultivated over the past few years as the basis for her new parenting guide, Whoa, Baby!: A Guide for New Moms Who Feel Overwhelmed and Freaked Out (and Wonder What the #*$& Just Happened), which is available now on Amazon.

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The singer has said in the past that she and her husband are interested in having another baby sometime in the future, but there's one thing she admitted she'd do differently the next time around.

"It's so little but it's really major to me, I wish that I would have taken a picture of Titan every single day his first year," she shared. "Because someone showed me a flip book they made of their kid, they took a picture of their kid in front of a white wall every single day, and by the end of the year you saw exactly how their face changed. It was so awesome, and I was like, why didn't I do that?"

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Rowland also opened up on how having a baby with her husband -- whom she married in May 2014 -- positively impacted their relationship.

"It actually brought us closer," she explained. "In some ways, we had to figure it out together, and we did. He was just so supportive, he always asked me if I needed help and he always tried to figure out a way to just be there to comfort me" Check out the video below to hear more.