ET Obsessions: 'Fortitude,' 'Pretty Little Liars,' Kelly Rowland's New Book and 'The Promise'


Here at ET, we’re obsessed with a lot of things -- and for
the week of April 17 to April 23, this is what we’re most excited about:

Why We're Obsessed
With 'Fortitude'

Fortitude fans can
now rest easy -- a second season is officially coming to Amazon! After its
season one shut down with Pivot, the drama series has a new home as an Amazon original
series and a new cast member. Dennis Quaid will join the ensemble cast and star
as Michael Lennox, a fisherman and patriarch of a family living in Fortitude
who is struggling to come to terms with his wife’s terminal illness and will
try anything to find a cure. The dark mystery thriller follows Sheriff Dan
Anderssen (Richard Dormer), who after shooting the woman he loved, disappears
into the wilderness and is presumed dead. Fortitude, a small isolated community
is now left without a sheriff, while Deputy Eric Odegard (Björn Hlynur Haraldsson)
must step up and lead this horrific investigation. 

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The second season of Fortitude
is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Why We're Obsessed
With 'Iron Chef Gauntlet' 

Iron Chef is
making a return after a 3 year hiatus with Iron
Chef Gauntlet
, a fresh reboot of the fan-favorite franchise hosted by the
incomparable Alton Brown. But unlike previous seasons, this new show will have
a first round wherein seven competitors will square off against each other in
dual challenges until only one newbie is left standing. That winner then goes
up against three highly established Iron Chefs in rapid succession: Masaharu
Morimoto, Michael Symon, and Bobby Flay. Who will gain entry into the ultimate
culinary world? 

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Iron Chef Gauntlet airs Sundays at 9
p.m. ET/PT on Food Network.

Why We're Obsessed
With 'Pretty Little Liars'

It’s the final season premiere of PLL tomorrow, and ET has
your exclusive first look to curb your Rosewood cravings. The shocking sneak peek
opens up with a badly bloodied and half-conscious Spencer in the back of an
ambulance racing toward the hospital in a fight for her life. Once the Liars
piece together Noel and Jenna’s connections to Charlotte and Rollins, it’s Aria
who notes, "If Noel was A.D. and Noel is dead, that means…" she
trails off. And as if things weren't crazy enough, the girls whip around to see
Toby being wheeled into the emergency room in a neck brace. "If Toby's
here, where's Yvonne?" Hanna ominously asks. Dun… dun… duuuuun!

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The final 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars kick
off Tuesday, April 18 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.

Why We're Obsessed
With Kelly Rowland's Parenting Guide

The former Destiny's Child star is keeping it real for
mothers who have lost their "juju.” That's one of the many reasons Kelly
Rowland decided to write her new parenting guide, Whoa, Baby!: A Guide for New Moms Who Feel Overwhelmed and Freaked Out
(and Wonder What the #*$& Just Happened)
. "For me, [writing this
book] was to comfort new moms and let them know that they're not the only ones
going through it," she said. And although Rowland has a seemingly healthy
relationship with her husband, Tim Witherspoon, she admitted that after giving
birth to their 2-year-old son, Titan, she was ready to get their sex life
"rocking again."

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Woah, Baby is available now.

Why We're Obsessed
With 'The Promise'

Director Terry George returns to genocide, with Oscar Isaac
and Christian
stuck in a love triangle during the Armenian Genocide in 1914 amid
World War I and the fall of the Ottoman Empire in The Promise. ET caught up with Bale at the premiere on Wednesday,
where he admitted he got zero insider information from co-star Isaac about the
highly anticipated Star Wars movie. "He
was very tight-lipped about that because I'm a real Star Wars fan," he said. "I've still got all the figures
from when I was a kid and everything like that. ...He wasn't having it."

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The Promise hits
theaters on Friday, April 21.