Charlize Theron Is Stepping Up Her Easter Game After Getting a 'Bad Bunny' Last Year

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Charlize Theron is stepping up her Easter game after hiring a "bad bunny" last year.

The 41-year-old actress dished on her plans for the holiday during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday.

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The Fate of the Furious star admitted that she wasn't as interested in celebrating the holiday before adopting her now 5-year-old son Jackson, and 1-year-old daughter, August.

"It wasn't a big holiday for me, so I didn't really do it with my kids," Theron told Jimmy Kimmel. "But for some reason, my oldest picked up on it, [and] became obsessed with wanting to have Easter parties. So last year, he really begged and I threw him an Easter party. I called a bunny and everything."

"Where do you even get a bunny?" asked the late-night talk show host.

"Online," Theron replied. "You can get anything online, did you know that?"

But the internet order didn’t exactly work out as planned. "I got a bad bunny," she confessed. "First of all, the bunny outfit was dirty, like, really dirty…I wanted, like, the nice, fluffy white bunny. And I was not just dirt, it was like, is that food or is that vomit?"

Making matter worse, her kids didn't seem to notice anything wrong with the bunny costume.

"The kids were so excited to see the bunny and they're hugging the bunny," she recalled. "It wasn't good."

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Apparently, the man in the bunny costume wasn't so enthusiastic about working the Oscar winner's party.

"I have video of, like, trying to encourage the bunny to take the kids on the egg hunt and it's the worst video ever, 'cause really I'm just screaming at the bunny... and [he's] just lounging in my furniture in his dirty bunny suit," Theron continued. "I'm, like, this psycho mom going, 'Get up!'"

Despite what sounds like a nightmarish experience, the mother of two hasn’t given up on Easter parties, though she will be using a different company this time around.

"I have a vetted bunny coming on [Sunday]," Theron revealed. "I didn't go back to that [service]. It was, like, weird, mute cartoon gestures, something wasn't right."

See more on Theron's interview in the video above.

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