America Ferrera Writes Powerful Message About Embracing Her Body: 'Thank You for 33 Years of Standing With Me'

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America Ferrera is learning to love herself more than ever.

The Superstore actress turned 33 on Tuesday, and Instagrammed a cute picture of her and two gal-pals taking a SoulCycle class. Ferrera admitted she hasn't always been kind to herself when it comes to her body, but says that that's changing with age.

"At 33, I finally understand that my body is a miracle!" she wrote. "After too many years of criticizing, punishing, depriving, or neglecting my body for what it isn't, I'm attempting to love it unapologetically as it is! Thank you body for 33 years of standing with me even when I wasn't on your side. I promise from here on out to stand by you and face down all the criticism and bulls**t distractions (inner & outer), so that we can move beyond beautiful and get to the business of living! Thank you to these amazing humans and so many more who have inspired me to celebrate my health and strength! Get you some friends who remind you to celebrate your strong, healthy, loyal body! #HappyBirthdayBody #thisis33 #beyondbeautiful."

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And it looks like the actress had a fantastic birthday. Ferrera posted video of her and close friends celebrating, as well as a sassy solo snap.

"Every year I feel more expansive, more capable, more in love with the possibility of life because I have a community that lovingly holds me accountable to my highest potential," she wrote. "Growing up is exhilarating!"

Ferrera also got a sweet video message from her Ugly Betty co-stars, Vanessa Williams and Michael Urie, which she also shared with fans.

"I love these two with every fiber of my being," she gushed. "Met them when I was 21 and we have all grown more in love every year!"

ET spoke with Ferrera at the Human Rights Gala last month, where she opened up about dealing with body shamers.

"I feel like people have been talking about my weight since the first time I was on screen, so I in a way have just learned to sort of block it all out," she admitted.

She also named Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham -- who presented the Ally for Equality award to her that night -- as her role models. Both Schumer and Dunham have previously fought back against criticism about their weight.

"What Lena is saying is that everyone is focused on the least interesting thing about her," Ferrera said. "And whether or not she's gaining or losing weight, in a good way or bad way, has nothing to do with her worth or her value and why she's such an amazing human being."

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In February, Ferrera stunned on the cover of Redbook, and talked about "unlearning" Hollywood's standard of beauty, and valuing other aspects of character.

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