Macaulay Culkin Hangs Out With Goddaughter Paris Jackson on Instagram


Culkin is the godfather to all of Michael Jackson's kids.

Quality godfather/goddaughter time! Macaulay Culkin and Paris Jackson reunited late Thursday night, sharing the moment with fans on Jackson’s Instagram account.

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Culkin appeared in several clips on Jackson’s Instagram Stories, including one where she put a neon orange paint on the actor’s forehead, declaring, “Simba! All the light touches your kingdom.”


The pair embraced for a sweet pic, which Jackson captioned with a bunny emoji.

Culkin, who was friends with the late Michael Jackson, was named godfather to his three children and has been seen spending time with Paris since her father’s death.


One of the last times we saw the duo hanging out was when they got pedicures together last year.

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Paris also had some fun with her new friend, Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown, goofing off and singing Adele songs at the piano.

To see more from their day together, watch the clip below!