Chris Pratt Gets His 'Man Boobs' Dried: 'Getting All Heated Up'

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Chris Pratt is the latest celebrity to suffer a wardrobe whoops, but he's one of the few to call attention to such a faux pas.

On Thursday, the 37-year-old actor posted a video to Instagram of stylist Annie, a.k.a. "part-time pit dryer," blow drying his black T-shirt. "Using the old Dyson blow dryer to get that tit sweat gone," he quipped.

"Next time... Put the deodorant under the man boobs," Pratt captioned the post. "Getting all heated up and passionate about #gotgvol2."

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The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 star also hashtagged the video #WhatsMySnack, a segment he created on Instagram that usually includes him cracking jokes about the healthy food he's eating. ET recently tested his "What's My Snack?" skills with a smell test -- but he wasn't super great at the game.

Pratt is, however, good at sticking to a healthy diet and exercise routine. In an exclusive interview with ET, he revealed how he prepared for his sexy shirtless scenes in GOTG 2.

"It's always good to know the day that you're going to be shirtless because you can really plan to try and peak on that day, you know what I mean?" he explained. "I have a whole routine that I took from this guy who is, like, a bodybuilder guy, you know, like a guy who does competitions. And I also was a wrestler back in the day, where I would learn how to dehydrate myself to cut weight, but ... that was to create a low body weight, it wasn't to create an aesthetic. So, I have a routine that takes about a week and it involves dehydration coming off of carbohydrates."

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