Prince William and Kate Middleton Make Each Other Laugh While Playing DJs - Watch

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Prince William and Kate Middleton sure know how make each other giggle.

The royal couple stopped by BBC Radio One on Friday and took on DJ duties, as they counted down the day's official chart.
Prince William and Kate Middleton sure know how make each other giggle.

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"It’s Friday! 21st of April, and this is a very special official chart,” Prince William kicked things off. But, his boastful voice immediately caused The Duchess of Cambridge to burst into laughter as she listened to him through her headphones. 

Quickly composing herself, she said, “We’ll bring you all the big stories, new entries, high climbers and of course, the top 10 in full."

But hosting duties weren't the only reason for their visit. The royals took time out of their busy schedule to surprise DJ Adele Roberts, who is running the London Marathon on Sunday in support of the royals’ new mental health campaign, Heads Together. 

Later in the day, Prince William, Middleton and Prince Harry shared a moving video as part of their Heads Together campaign, where they encouraged people to speak openly about their personal issues in an effort to achieve mental wellness.

“A young mother actually said that to me, ‘Just talking to somebody. Having those conversations’ is like medicine for her,” Middleton says in the six-minute video. “That is the point. It’s OK to have that conversation, even if it is uncomfortable or awkward.”

Middleton then turns the tables on Prince Harry and Prince William by asking them how the campaign has influenced their lives, bringing up the death of their mother, Princess Diana.

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“We have been brought closer as a result of the circumstances as well,” Prince William says. “You are uniquely bonded because of what we’ve been through. Even Harry and I though, over the years, have not talked enough about our mother.”

“Never enough,” Prince Harry chimes in. "I always thought, what's the point of bringing up something that's only going to make you sad. It ain't going to change it. It ain't going to bring her back."

The video was released ahead of Sunday’s London Marathon, where marathon runners are being asked to support the Heads Together campaign by wearing blue headbands.

“The London Marathon is, to some people, a year in the making. This is their opportunity to put closure on an issue. This is their opportunity to be part of something amazing. It’s really exciting for all of us to be part of that, I think,” Harry says in the video.

“Everybody in the marathon being given a headband. People running for all sorts of different reasons. But as you guys have clearly pointed out over and over again, you could draw 150 charities everybody’s running for around in a circle and in the middle will be mental health," he adds. "It’s the one thing that binds everything together.”

 For more on the Heads Together campaign, watch the video below. 

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