Abigail Breslin on Why She Didn't Report Her Rape: 'I Didn't Want to View Myself as a Victim'

The 'Dirty Dancing' star shared her fears about reporting she was sexually assaulted.

Abigail Breslin has responded to a social media follower who questioned her decision not to report her sexual assault.

The 20-year-old actress recently revealed her experience with being raped, sharing the news during Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

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"I knew my assailant," she wrote on Instagram in early April, along with a photo of the words, "You are not obligated to have sex with someone that you're in a relationship with. Dating is not consent. Marriage is not consent."

On Sunday, she posted a graphic stating that out of every 1,000 rapes, only six assailants will be incarcerated. After a user commented that “reported rapes are the only rapes that count,” the Dirty Dancing star explained why she did not take official action following her attack.

“First off, I was in complete shock and total denial,” she shared on her Instagram account. “I didn’t want to view myself as a ‘victim’ so I suppressed it and pretended it never happened.”

“Second of all, I was in a relationship with my rapist and feared not being believed,” Breslin continued. “I also feared that if my case didn’t lead anywhere, he would still find out and hurt me even more. Thirdly, I knew how hurt my friends and family would be after finding out and I didn’t want to put them through that.”

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Her words were met with support from fans and other victims.

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“Thank you @abbienormal9 ❤ all the same reasons here,” replied one follower. “Especially part 3 is the reason I still struggle with speaking up completely. How society reacts matters. So, thank you for that ?❤❤.”

“As a victim myself, thank you for writing/posting this. SO empowering ??,” wrote another Instagram user.

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