Jenna Dewan Tatum Says Daughter Everly Knows 'Magic Mike' Moves, Talks Plans for Channing Tatum's Birthday

She wants to dance 'like Mommy and Daddy.'

That’s a different kind of pony, Everly…

Jenna Dewan Tatum does her best to keep her 3-year-old away from the racier parts of Magic Mike, but she did admit that little Everly has picked up a few hilariously inappropriate habits.

“She’s been to rehearsals. She’s saw -- there’s one dance in the show that involves rain and it’s a very sexy dance, it’s my favorite part of the whole show -- but she saw that rehearsal, and I was like, ‘I don’t think this is good.’ So I was like, ‘Evie, outside, Paw Patrol!’” Jenna told Ellen DeGeneres during Tuesday’s show.

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When the host laughed and said the little girl likely doesn’t know the implications of the male dancers’ suggestive moves, Jenna noted that that’s not always the case.

“She doesn’t, know but there’s been a couple times where she’s been like, ‘I’m dancing like Mommy and Daddy!’” Jenna replied, miming some thrusting motions. “We’re saving up a therapy fund for when she’s older.”

And it’s not just her Magic Mike star hubby, Channing Tatum, who’s to blame for their daughter’s mature moves.

“She was at Lip Sync Battle so of course she saw that, so now I’m lumped into this too!” Jenna said, referencing her striptease-themed performance.

Channing has been hard at work on the Vegas Magic Mike show, and to celebrate, Jenna has a birthday surprise for him.

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“He is so hard because every year, he ends up, he wants something he gets it,” she explained. “I’m taking him on an RV trip, and we’re packing up the family and we’re going, we just don’t really even have a plan. We’re not going cross-country, we’re going somewhere where trees are.”

And while her hubby likes to explore, she quipped, “If I were planning this trip, I’d be like, ‘We’re going an hour away!’”

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