Mila Kunis Brings Mom to Tears After Renovating Her Parents' Condo -- See The Emotional Clip!

She wanted to give back to them after they provided for her as a child.

Mila Kunis is giving back to those who gave her everything! The 33-year-old actress recently renovated her parents’ condo as a special surprise in a new episode of the video series, MyHouzz.

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“Knowing how hard I’ve worked now for what I have, puts things in perspective for how much harder my parents had to have worked to have given my brother and I the life that we had,” Kunis explained of her Ukrainian parents. “I would like to do this renovation for my parents because they’ve done so many things for my brother and I.”

When she kicked off the project, Kunis was nine months pregnant with her second child, Dimitri, but determined to give her parents the home they deserved. Pointing out that the wall that blocked off the kitchen kept the family from communicating when they got together, Kunis was eager to take it out.

“I might be nine months pregnant, but if anyone’s going to knock down this wall, it’s me!” she declared before taking a swing. She then took things down a notch, adding, “Listen, one hit was enough. I’ll let the professionals do the rest.”

With the help of a professional designer and workers, they transformed the condo in six weeks. Kunis even brought her hubby, Ashton Kutcher, in to show him the space.

“It’s just so much brighter and open,” he declared.

But no one was more excited than Kunis’ parents when they saw their new and improved home.

“When you’re angry and you don’t like something, you have a lot of words to explain. But when you’re happy, you’re just happy. That’s it!” her dad said, grinning, while her mom shed tears of joy.

Kunis showed them the extendable dining room table, which prompted her dad to tease, “It’s enough places for the six grandchildren here.”

The actress rolled her eyes and said, “Don’t spread rumors, Dad. Don’t start spreading rumors.”

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Kutcher even came in to give a sweet toast to his in-laws, saying, “When you have your own family and you come into another family, you always think that no other family will be as connected and loving and caring as your own family, except for you guys. I couldn’t ask for better in-laws. And now I feel like we have a space that’s as befitting as the love that this space holds.”

Kunis’ dad got in the last laugh, adding, “As much as we argue constantly, we love you anyway.”

To see the full episode, watch here, and for more from the couple, watch the clip below!

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