EXCLUSIVE: Kelly Osbourne Opens Up About Drug Use & How Her Parents Are Still in Love One Year After Affair

The TV star is getting candid about her family's rocky personal struggles.

Almost one year after the revelation of the alleged 4-year affair that threatened to end their marriage, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne couldn’t “love each other more,” according to daughter Kelly.

“I've never seen two people who love each other more, who were more meant for each other than my mom and dad,” Kelly recently told ET.

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Following reports of Ozzy having an affair with his hairstylist, the rocker sought help for sex addiction and presented Sharon with a new diamond wedding ring in October.

“He was so excited about giving her the ring,” Kelly dished. “And, every time they're out, I'm like, ‘Dad, you got to be more gentle with mom's hand,’ because he's holding her hand like, ‘Look! Isn’t it great?’”

The 32-year-old TV personality also opened up about how witnessing both Sharon and Ozzy almost lose their lives pushed her to abuse drugs. In her new book, There Is No F*cking Secret: Letters from a Badass Bitch, Kelly shares how in 2002, her father overdosed, while her mom suffered a seizure sparked by colon cancer.

“I don’t know how I kept going. I think that's why I did so many drugs, to be honest,” admitted the My Kitchen Rules star. “I numbed myself. Painkillers don't just kill physical pain. They numb your mental pain too.”

Kelly’s drug use saw her enter rehab seven times, but she now hopes her battles and the struggles of her family members can help others.

“When you love someone and you understand someone and what we have been through in my family -- between my mom's cancer; my dad's Parkinson’s, coma, bike accident, addiction; my brother’s addiction, MS; my Lyme Disease, addiction -- we've been through so much together and supported each other through everything,” Kelly said.

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“We are not perfect, we are never going to be and we do not want to be,” she continued. “If we can share our pain with others, so people think they're not alone then that's what we would rather do and turn it into a positive and just keep loving and moving forward.”

See more on the dreadful night Kelly saw both of her parents close to death in the video below.