Country Star Kane Brown Is Engaged to Katelyn Jae


Congrats to Kane Brown!

The 23-year-old country star is engaged to singer Katelyn Jae, Brown announced during a Philadelphia concert last Tuesday.

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"It’s hard to do this job -- you know, there’s girls involved -- you’ve got to stay out of trouble, it’s really hard," Brown said mid-concert.

"Some people found out on Instagram today and I had to delete this video," he continued. "I just got engaged to a girl from Philadelphia two days ago. This is my first time making this announcement, but we’re in Philly, so I thought I had to go ahead and make the announcement. So thank you Philadelphia."

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Brown doesn't just gush about his ladylove during performances -- she's also made quite a few appearances on his Instagram.

"This past year I know a lot of good has been going on for me but I've been in a dark place always being gone. But this girl puts the light back in my life," he wrote alongside a shot of the two. "If you are a true fan u won't be mad, u will just accept that I'm happy, and I found my goofy other half. ❤️."

ET's Kevin Frazier caught up with Brown in January, when he opened up about his relationship with Jae.

"She's a sweet girl. She's from Philadelphia, and we've been dating almost... it's going to be eight months coming up. You know, being on the road, we did 200 shows in 2016. You get lonely," he confessed. "Whenever she's out with me, I just have a good time. And she makes me happy. I'm never depressed when she's around me."

"It used to be [hard having a girlfriend], but now it feels better being loyal than you just going out and doing whatever you want to do," he continued. "You could do the same thing every day with different people, but they're not gonna love you -- you're not gonna find love, so you might as well keep the one that does love you."

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Brown's fellow country star Kelsea Ballerini got engaged last Christmas. See the gorgeous ring in the video below.

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