Chris Soules Car Crash: A Timeline of the Fatal Incident and What's Next for the Former 'Bachelor' Star

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ET has obtained new information regarding Chris Soules' car crash in Aurora, Iowa, on Monday night that left one man, 66-year-old farmer Kenneth Mosher, dead.

From the initial accident to the 911 call to the former Bachelor star's arrest, ET's breaking down everything we know so far about what happened.

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Monday, April 24, approximately 8:20 p.m.: Soules rear-ends Mosher's tractor with his pickup truck.

According to a statement from the Buchanan County Sheriff's Office, they received a 911 report of a motor vehicle accident with injuries in the 1000 block of Slater Avenue, north of Aurora.

A 2008 Chevrolet Silverado, operated by the reality star, struck the rear of a John Deere tractor trailer, which was driven by Mosher. According to the police report, the collision caused the tractor to go into the east ditch, and Soules' pickup truck in the west ditch.

Soules makes initial call to 911.

Moments after the accident, the Iowa native reported the crash to 911.

He first stated that Mosher appeared to be unconscious. When asked if he knew how to perform CPR, Soules said he did not, and asked the two witnesses at the scene if they were able to help.

Later in the call, Soules revealed his own identity, and again told the operator that Mosher did not "appear to be" breathing. A few moments later he said, "It's bloody. There's blood coming out of his mouth," but that he could "feel a pulse." The operator then told Soules that law enforcement and medical were on their way to the scene.

Listen to the full call HERE.

The reality star allegedly walks away from the scene, Mosher transported to hospital.

Soules, uninjured, allegedly left the scene of the accident prior to the arrival of law enforcement. Mosher was transported to Mercy Hospital in Oelwein, Iowa, where he was pronounced dead.

According to a dispatch call, an unidentified caller said, "One of the suspects that was involved just took off northbound in a red Duramax truck. Do you have any available units, state, county, see if they can get him to stop?"

"Duramax that left the scene of an accident on W45 just north of Aurora -- I believe the name on the subject is going to be Chris Soules," the caller continued. "That's gonna be the subject that took off."

Soules picked up "by some individuals" north of the accident.

An Iowa State Patrol official told ET that Soules was there at the scene, but when the ambulance personnel showed up, "he just kind of walked away from it and then was picked up north of the scene by some individuals."

But is it possible that the people who picked Soules up could face charges?

"It's possible. I don't want to say yes, I don't want to say no," the official explained. "It's basically going to be up to the Buchanan County Attorney's office to decide whether or not to charge those individuals. If those individuals knew what was happening, basically they are aiding him getting away from the scene, but that will come out in the investigation."

Soules returns home…

According to a statement from the Buchanan County Sheriff's Office, the 35-year-old was located shortly after fleeing the scene at his Fayette County residence near Arlington.

…But allegedly refuses to come out and cooperate with authorities.

Authorities claim Soules was uncooperative in video taken from court by KWWL.

"[Chris] was involved in an accident where there was a death of an individual, and Mr. Soules, before law enforcement was even present from the scene, took off," state lawyer Jenna Zaputil said. "Law enforcement later found that vehicle at a home, and at that residence, they knew that Mr. Soules was in the home, but Mr. Soules would not come out of the home."

"It took hours to get a search warrant to retrieve Mr. Soules from inside of the house in order to continue the investigation," Zaputil continued. "And that took hours. At no point did Mr. Soules come out of the house or cooperate with law enforcement, at any point in trying to get in contact with him regarding this individual and this fatality accident."

Approximately five hours after fleeing the scene, Soules is arrested.

Soules was arrested at his home at 1:16 a.m. Tuesday, and spent a brief time in jail before his court appearance a few hours later that morning.

Soules appears in court, charged with Leaving the Scene of a Fatality Motor Vehicle Accident (Class D Felony).

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant was seen by a judge in Buchanan County, Iowa, on Tuesday morning. According to the judge, the offense is punishable by a fine of at least $750, up to $7,500. Additionally, there are other monetary surcharges or costs, and restitution associated with those. The offense is punishable by up to five years in prison.

Soules leaves jail on Tuesday after posting bail.

The judge gave Soules a $10,000 bail, which was posted by his mother, Linda. Soules was able to leave the jail, but was given an ankle bracelet monitor and is now required to check in with a probation officer.

He was also asked to turn in his passport. Soules was scheduled to film something out of the country that was Bachelor related. Soules told ET last month he had been offered Bachelor in Paradise, so it's likely that was the upcoming event.

His next court date is set for Tuesday, May 2.

After leaving jail, Soules releases a statement.

"Chris Soules was involved in an accident Monday evening (April 24) in a rural part of Iowa near his home. He was devastated to learn that Kenneth Mosher, the other person in the accident, passed away," a statement via his rep, Stan Rosenfield, read. "His thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Mosher's family."

Could there be more charges?

Yes. The Buchanan County Sheriff's Office is continuing the investigation into the cause of the accident, and further charges may be pending. No other information is being released at this time.

If alcohol was involved, is it possible Soules could be charged with Operating While Intoxicated (OWI)?

According to the criminal complaint obtained by ET, the general probable cause lists "admission/statements, caused property damage, operating motor vehicles, possessed alcoholic beverage/containers, identified by witnesses, near scene of crime and caused personal injury." Soules has not been charged with any alcohol-related offense at this time.

"He was arrested at 1:16 a.m., the wreck happened at 8:20 p.m., so you're looking at a five-hour difference," an Iowa State Patrol official told ET. "It’s going to be very difficult to prove he was drinking and driving, because basically all he has to do is say, 'Well, I did leave the scene of the crash and I went back to the residence and I started drinking.' Unless it comes out in the investigation that he was coming from a bar or something like that, we don't know."

Hear more on the incident (and Soules' prior run-ins with the law in Iowa) in the video below.

-Reporting by Rande Iaboni, Steven Wilks and Brendon Geoffrion

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