EXCLUSIVE: Jerry O'Connell Makes His Drag Debut at RuPaul's Drag Con, Says He'd Be 'First to Sign Up' For A Ce


Introducing Anya Man!

Con-drag-ulations Jerry O'Connell!

The 43-year-old actor got an extreme drag makeover at RuPaul's Drag Con in Los Angeles, on Saturday, giving rise to his new drag alter ego -- Anya Man!

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O'Connell looked like he had the best time having his face made up by season seven RuPaul's Drag Race finalist, Ginger Minj. The two, who hadn't met previously, bantered about Drag Race trivia and O'Connell's Stand By Me co-star, Wil Wheaton, who was last year's Drag Con celebrity makeover.


During the panel, O'Connell revealed he and his wife, actress Rebecca Romijn, are big fans of Drag Race and watch the show together with their daughters, 8-year-old twins Dolly and Charlie.

O'Connell also spoke about growing up in New York's West Village around drag culture. "I grew up on 17th Street in Chelsea, just a few blocks from a restaurant called Florent," he recalled. "For those who don't remember, [it] was one of the first drag restaurants, really. It's so funny, I grew up really surrounded by drag."

Another Drag Race queen, Season two's Morgan McMichaels, helped O'Connell complete the look, channeling some of his wife's realness with a flowing blonde wig and a sleek black mini-dress and coat outfit. 

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But no drag debut is complete without a lip sync, and Anya Man lip synced for her life! O'Connell turned it out to RuPaul's hit song, "Sissy That Walk" in front of surprised and enthusiastic fans.

ET caught up with the newly minted, still breathless, drag superstar after his lip sync to ask him about the experience -- and the show-stopping death drop at the end of his performance.

"I'm a very big fan of Drag Race and I know that death drops typically go over very well with the judges so I wanted to do a death drop," O'Connell said.

"I have a new respect for all contestants on RuPaul's Drag Race," he added later. "That lip sync for your life was maybe the most exhausting thing I've done. I ran a half marathon about nine years ago, so it's been nine years since I've done something that strenuous."

Strenuous or not, O'Connell has a lot of enthusiasm to do the whole thing again. "I would be the first to sign up," he says of a hypothetical celebrity Drag Race spinoff. "I don't want to make bold predictions or anything, but I would most likely win the whole thing."

RuPaul -- make it happen!

So, any words of advice to his fellow celebs who might follow in O'Connell's Drag Con footsteps?

"I think everybody should come down and do this," he says. "And it's so fun to come out here. It didn't hurt at all. Except I think I have a hammer toe or something now."

Shantay, you stay!

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