EXCLUSIVE: Gabourey Sidibe Opens Up About Thinking She Didn't Deserve Her 'Celebrity' Life in New Memoir

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We know Gabourey Sidibe tells it like it is, but now she's writing it like it is.

The Empire star delivers a much-awaited audiobook, This Is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare, out today exclusively from Audible, about her rise to fame, body image and what it's like to be her.

In the exclusive clip above, Sidibe reads an excerpt from her book, recounting a conversation with a friend who questioned whether the actress deserved her 'celebrity' life. After pondering, Sidibe responds, "No, not really." At this point, her friend also points out that Sidibe's low self-esteem is why she keeps her "a**hole boyfriend" around.

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In her memoir, the Oscar nominee doesn't shy away from serious topics like being raised by an abusive father, bulimia and her weight loss surgery. The 33-year-old also sets the record straight when it comes to her titular character in the 2009 film Precious.

"Precious -- the character I played in my first-ever film. The character who people seem to think that it was hilarious to confuse with me -- Me," the actress narrates in her audiobook. "Precious is a survivor, and I refuse to be anyone’s survivor because I prefer to think of myself as a winner."

Hear the full excerpt below:

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"My life isn't all sunshine, it's not all positive experiences, its negative experiences as well," Sidibe said during a sit-down interview with ET on Monday. "But it's still very much my face and very much my life and I'm asking you to take it and see it and not judge it."

Additional reporting by Jennifer Peros.