EXCLUSIVE: Bryce Dallas Howard Reveals She Had a Crush on Matthew McConaughey When She Was 17

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"I was expecting the Adonis that Matthew McConaughey is..."

That's Bryce Dallas Howard discussing working with her Gold co-star, whom she first met at the age of 17 when McConaughey starred in Edtv, directed by her father, Ron Howard, and why the experience proved slightly disappointing -- at least for her teenage self.

"For me, as a young woman coming of age, I had a healthy, um--" the actress giggles in this bonus feature from the movie's release on Digital HD on April 18 and Blu-Ray on May 2. "I was like, 'Oh my gosh, that man!' So, when I got to set, I was expecting the Adonis that Matthew McConaughey is and instead I was greeted by Kenny Wells."

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"This is one of the few scripts that I read that atomically I said, 'I have to do this. I have to be this guy,'" McConaughey also says in the clip of the role, which he would eventually call "my favorite character I've ever played."

Playing Wells, a based-on-a-true-story prospector who teamed up with a geologist (Edgar Ramírez) to hunt for gold in the jungles of Indonesia, required the actor to gain close to 50 pounds.

"I said, '[For] six months, you say yes to whatever you want to eat, whatever you want to drink, 24/7. If you think twice about it, McConaughey, you have to have double,'" he previously told ET of the transformation.

"The whole family loosened up. My nickname was 'Captain Fun' around the house because every night was pizza night if the kids wanted it, milkshakes for breakfast was just fine," McConaughey revealed. "I was yes to going to the carnival at midnight on a school night. I was like yes, yes, yes."