ET Obsessions: 'King Arthur,' Miss USA, 'Snatched' and NKOTB


Here at ET, we're obsessed with a lot of things -- and for the week of May 8 to May 14, this is what we're most excited about:

Why We're Obsessed With 'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword'

It's fairly simple why we're obsessed with Guy Ritchie's medieval action epic, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword -- its cast, which includes hunks Charlie Hunnam as the titular hero alongside Jude Law as his Uncle Vortigern and David Beckham in a cameo role as a disgruntled knight. The highly anticipated movie will take on the classic myth about Excalibur, following Arthur's journey from the streets to the throne. As for the famous sword used on set, ET caught up with Hunnam last year, where he revealed whether or not he got to keep the blade, "You know what? I didn't," he said. "And I was promised a sword!"  Although it may seem like Hunnam is the perfect choice to play King Arthur, he actually had to fight for the role to convince director Ritchie that he was right for the part, "There were three other actors auditioning for the role that day, big, well-known actors, and I said, 'Why don't you just bring them all in here and we'll fight, and whoever walks out the room, gets the role?' and that was the moment he sort of liked that moxie. I saw a little twinkle in his eye," Hunnam shared. "He said, 'Alright.'"

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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
hits theaters on Friday, May 12.

Why We're Obsessed With 'Snatched'

After a 15 year hiatus, Goldie Hawn is returning to the silver screen with funny gal Amy Schumer in Snatched. In the comedy, Hawn plays Schumer's onscreen mother, who agrees to join her daughter on a vacation to South America. But they soon find themselves "Liam Neeson-ed Taken" and are forced to escape their kidnappers in order to make it back home. While they play a convincing mother-daughter duo in the film, it seems their connection is just as strong in real life, having met each other's family and Schumer jokingly wishing she had come out of Hawn! "[You] could've been my daughter!" Hawn said of her co-star during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show. "I would have loved to come out of you!" Schumer yelled. "Can I say that?"

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hits theaters on Friday, May 12.

Why We're Obsessed With 'NKOTB'

Is it 1988 again? No, but it sure feels like it the way we're grooving to New Kids on the Block again. The boy band is back with a new EP, Thankful, and tour. ET sat down with New Kids on the Block last year following the announcement of their Total Package Tour with Boyz II Men and Paula Abdul. "We're bringing joy, love and happiness back to the world with this tour,” Donnie Wahlberg said. The 44-city North American trek begins Friday in Columbus, Ohio, and includes a special Boston homecoming on July 8 at Fenway Park.

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out Friday, May 12.

Why We're Obsessed With Miss USA

The competition is on for Miss USA 2017! The 66th annual Miss USA beauty pageant will kick off at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the T-Mobile Arena, where contestants from the 50 states and the District of Columbia vie for the title. Giving up her crown this year is Washington, D.C., native Deshauna Barber, who is the first woman actively serving in the U.S. Army Reserve to win the title. While we all anxiously await the three-hour event on Sunday, we know it’s just the final lap for the ladies, who start the preliminary competition on Thursday! Who will succeed in nabbing the Miss USA 2017 crown? See the full list of contestants here.

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Miss USA airs live on Sunday, May 14 on Fox.