Mark Hamill Surprises Adam Scott With a Belated Birthday Present on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'


The 'Big Little Lies' actor and 'Star Wars' superfan got the surprise of a lifetime on Thursday.

Adam Scott
got one amazing belated birthday present on Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The Big Little Lies star sat down with guest host Kristen Bell, and opened up about his love of Star Wars in honor of Star Wars Day (May the Fourth). Scott recalled his long history of infatuation with the iconic franchise, and revealed that one of his earliest memories was trying to get Mark Hamill to come to his birthday when he was a child.

"I wrote him a letter inviting him to my birthday party," Scott shared. "I thought at least, if he got it, and he was able to, if his schedule was clear, he was probably gonna come."

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Ultimately, Hamill didn't turn up for Scott's special day, but the star said he took it well.

"I remember not being crushed or anything. It was fine. I knew he must have been incredibly busy," he said.

But Bell had a very special surprise up her sleeve. As Scott recounted the disappointing memory, the familiar strings of the Star Wars score began to play, and Hamill walked out onto the stage.

"No. No way. No f***ing way!" Scott exclaimed.


The iconic star
walked out with a light saber and kneeled before Scott, presenting him with the thoughtful gift.

"Happy belated birthday!" Hamill said, handing him the sword and giving him a hug. "I'm sorry I missed your birthday. I was checking my diary, and that week I had two other birthdays, a bar mitzvah, and a supermarket opening."

"This really is one of the best moments of my life," Scott said. "It really is."

Before the big birthday surprise, Scott and Bell also reflected on their long history of acting together, and realized that they're often cast as characters that really antagonize each other.

"I've worked with you a ton, but I feel like when we've worked together, we're always really, really mean to each other," Bell said. "Like, always a**holes."

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"Every single time," Scott said, as they went back and forth, recalling how she played a "jerk" on Party Down and Parks and Recreation, while Scott played a "vaguely rapey teacher" on Veronica Mars and a literal demon on The Good Place.

"But that's not our relationship at all. We're very nice to each other," Bell said.

"Super nice," Scott added. "Boring, nice, white people."

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