EXCLUSIVE: Maksim Chmerkovskiy & Peta Murgatroyd Talk 'DWTS' Destiny, How Life Has Changed Since Becoming Pare

The adorable duo tells ET 'your whole world' changes when you have a baby.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd are opening up about their Dancing With the Stars destiny!

The pro dancers were both recently eliminated from season 24 of the competition (paired with Heather Morris and Nick Viall, respectively), and now, they are debating whether to come back for another season. ET caught up with the engaged couple at the 24th Annual Race to Erase MS Gala at The Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles on Friday, where they gave us the scoop on their DWTS future.

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When asked if we'll see them in the ballroom for season 25, Murgatroyd played coy.

"Maybe!" she told ET's Lauren Zima. "Yeah, maybe. Let's see what happens."

"We'll see. Listen, the show is amazing," added Chmerkovskiy, who was out for four weeks this season after suffering a calf injury while rehearsing for week two. "We had a great time again. It's becoming a bit of a continuous thing. My calf muscle injury made me think about things and try to maybe, you know, some things that I left for after [my] dance career, maybe that's coming on a little faster than I expected. So, we'll see what happens, but for now, we're just enjoying our night out."

"When you think ahead, at one point you stop dancing like a basketball player retires, and you can't do it no more, so sometimes your body tells you things," he continued. "I'm not sure if this injury was that sign, but it kind of felt, you know, s**tty to miss three full weeks of the competition where the partner you get … their success belongs on your availability, and I felt bad, so I've got a lot of thinking to do."

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While the ballroom certainly wouldn't be the same without these mirror ball champions if they do decide to retire from the show, it would make sense. On average, professional dancers typically end their active careers in their early to mid-thirties -- Chmerkovskiy is 37, and Murgatroyd is 30.

Additionally, the two welcomed their first child together, son Shai, in January. The dancing duo revealed a lot has obviously changed since becoming parents. Although Chmerkovskiy says it was a "crazy first couple months," they wouldn't give it up for the world.

"I don't think you can stay the same person," Murgatroyd exclaimed. "I think once you have a baby it changes your whole life, your whole world, in a good way. But there's nothing sexier, there's nothing more beautiful than seeing your man fall in love with your child even more every day. It's the best."

Chmerkovskiy echoed his fiancée's sweet sentiments, telling ET that being a father is "amazing!" and watching Murgatroyd transition into a mom has been equally incredible.

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"We both come from the same world where everybody's sort of similar -- we're all crazy about competitiveness, we're all about winning some sort of world or national titles or whatever," he explained. "And then, all of a sudden, you get this thing that happens to you where you become pregnant, you give birth and it separates people. I've seen our type get caught up in their everyday life and sort of forget about the kids and the importance of it, and with Peta, it was complete opposite. She's fully first and foremost a mom and I can't ask for anything more than that."

"[Shai]'s amazing! It's like he's a little person now," he continued. "He has some specific things, you know, not like genetic baby -- but he's, like, this particular baby -- and it's really fun to see them become human and then become people with their own character. I'm just excited to see what he's going to end up being."

Perhaps baby Shai will follow in his parents' footsteps (literally!) and become a dancer?

"If he wants to! Yeah," Murgatroyd said. "I'm not going to push him into anything."

Hear more from our exclusive red carpet interview with the lovebirds in the video below!

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