EXCLUSIVE: '13 Reasons Why' Stars Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette Talk Show Backlash, Season 2 Pickup

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13 Reasons Why
leads Katherine Langford (Hannah Baker) and Dylan Minnette (Clay Jensen) understand that not everyone is a fan of the hit Netflix show, given its portrayal of teen suicide.

ET spoke to the pair at the Netflix FYSee Kick Off Event at Netflix FYSee Space on Sunday, where they got candid about some of the criticism being lobbied at the show. Still, Langford and Minnette say the response they've received has been overwhelmingly good.

"People that have talked to me have said that it's really helped them out with their friends," Minnette said. "It's really amazing the responses from people... you know, nobody's thoughts or opinions are invalid because there's no invalid thoughts about it. But I'm just glad that it's bringing these discussions to the mainstream -- they really haven't been before enough. I'm just glad we reached our goal in that sense."

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Langford agreed that the show is meant to cause a discussion.

"I've only heard good responses, not just necessarily positive, but it seems to hit a lot of people in a way that a lot of shows haven't," she said. "And it is very cool, and it's something I feel lucky to be a part of, and it's interesting as well because I think we set out not to make the best show -- or the best award-winning show -- just to make a show to promote discussion, or kind of instigate conversation. I feel like that's kind of what we've done. So, it's cool -- it's really cool."

Of course, the cast also celebrated some great news on Sunday, when Netflix officially announced that they've renewed the wildly popular drama for season two.

"I'm excited," Langford said.

"It's great," Minnette added.

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