Jodie Sweetin's Ex-Fiance Justin Hodak Sentenced to Serve 120 Days in Prison

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Hodak was sentenced to jail time during a court appearance in Los Angeles on Friday.

Jodie Sweetin’s ex-fiance, Justin Hodak, was sentenced to serve 120 days in county prison following a court appearance in Van Nuys, California, on Friday.

Hodak pleaded "no contest" to possession of a deadly weapon and "no contest" to falsifying evidence by threatening a witness with force or implied force.

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He was found guilty on both felony charges and given a six-year, eight-month suspended prison sentence. The suspended sentence means that after an initial 120 days behind bars, if he does not abide by the terms of his probation, he will have to serve the remainder of the time.

As part of the probation terms, Hodak must complete a 52-week domestic violence treatment program, obey a five-year protective order and refrain from releasing images or videos of Sweetin. He must also undergo 60 days of electronic monitoring.

He is not permitted to own or possess any deadly or dangerous weapons, and at his next court hearing -- scheduled for May 12 -- Hodak must submit proof that he has relinquished his 9mm semiautomatic gun to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Prosecutors dismissed the remaining counts, which included stalking, due to the plea deal.

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Hodak and Sweetin dated for two years and became engaged in January 2016.

In March, Hodak was arrested for violating a restraining order that was granted to the Fuller House actress after he was arrested on two previous occasions during the preceding days.

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*Additional reporting by Tracie De la Rosa.