EXCLUSIVE: Abby Lee Miller Feels 'Relieved, Peaceful' After Prison Sentencing, Reveals What's Next

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Abby Lee Miller
is speaking out about how she plans to spend her time behind bars.

ET caught up with the former Dance Moms star in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday, immediately after she was sentenced to one year and one day in federal prison after pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud last June.

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"I feel relieved," she told reporters, including ET, outside the courthouse. "I feel peaceful."

Part of that peace comes from knowing how she'll keep busy. She told ET exclusively that she's "pitching a new show."

"I have been so very successful - maybe that'll be some time to work," she continued. "There's dancing in it!"

As positive as she sounds, Miller knows that adjusting to prison will take some time.

"There's a few physical limitations, dietary limitations [in prison], of course, but it'll be OK," she said, noting that she's not sure how working with the other women will be every day. "It's a realm of the world I know nothing about. I just know what I know and I do the best I can."

"I know that I didn't make the right decisions all the time," she added. "I think [the punishment's] just begun."

When asked what message she would like to tell her fans and supporters, she simply replied, "Live and learn."

As ET previously reported, Chief Judge Joy Flowers Conti ruled that in addition to her prison sentence, Miller will have to pay a $40,000 fine and serve two years probation after her time behind bars.

Miller has a little over a month before she will have to report to prison, but it was not specified as to where she will serve her time. Miller's lawyer did request that she be placed at a facility in California, claiming that Miller fully resides in Los Angeles and not Pittsburgh. Judge Conti agreed to make that recommendation on Miller's behalf, stating that it would be best for the TV star to serve her sentence "wherever your support would be the strongest."

While speaking to the judge prior to her sentencing, Miller admitted that she was "certainly ashamed" of her actions.

"I am very sorry for what I've done and the inconvenience I've caused others," she exclaimed. "My friends and colleagues have shed tears because of my careless mistakes. I have accepted responsibility for my actions and pled guilty to the two charges against me."

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"My name has been dragged through the mud and Abby Dance Company no longer exists in the very building that I was trying to save and I know that my future is uncertain," she continued. "I can only assure you that I will never be in front of a court again."

Hear more on Miller's case in the video below.

-Reporting by Darla Murray

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