EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Hunnam Talks 'Unlikely' BFF Marilyn Manson: 'We Love Each Other'

The actor dished on his close bond with the rocker.

Charlie Hunnam's girlfriend, Morgana McNelis, may have skipped the King Arthur: Legend of the Sword premiere on Monday night, but the movie's leading man still had another loved one by his side for the Hollywood, California, event -- Marilyn Manson!

The 37-year-old actor was thrilled at his musician buddy’s red carpet arrival, midway through his ET interview, dishing on their close bond.

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“We met on Sons of Anarchy -- Manson came in and did five or six episodes and we just became pals,” Hunnam told ET’s Carly Steel. “We’re an unlikely duo, but we love each other.”

“We are strangely like brothers,” added Manson. “I don't have a lot of close men friends at my round table, so to speak. I don't even have a table, but Charlie and I always cook food for each other.”

In fact, the two are such BFFs that they almost turned up to the film’s premiere in matching outfits.

“I almost wore that suit,” Hunnam said. “We would have looked like a couple of a**holes.”

Manson isn’t the only one Hunnam loves cooking for, though. He also spilled on his boyfriend skills, confessing that there’s nothing he’d rather do in his downtime than whip up delicious meals for McNelis.

“Going out [and] buying favorite groceries and cooking the meal that my lady likes,” Hunnam said, when asked how he keeps the romance alive in their 11-year relationship. “I’m an excellent cook – that’s the thing I enjoy the most in my free time.”

The actor
 revealed that his specialties include pasta and Thai dishes, and he said McNelis would much prefer sharing romantic meals at home than attending glitzy events.

“She hates being on the red carpet and all of that, so we don’t do any of that stuff together,” he said.

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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
hits theaters on May 12.

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