Shaquille O'Neal Reveals Plan to Run for Sheriff in 2020: 'I Know How to Run a Team'

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Shaquille O'Neal wants to take his talents from the court to the community.

The former professional basketball player revealed his law enforcement aspirations to 11Alive -- Atlanta, Georgia's NBC news affiliate -- on Tuesday, sharing that he'll be throwing his hat in the ring for a Sheriff post.

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"Mayor no, I would never run for mayor,” the 45-year-old former Los Angeles Laker answered when asked whether he'd consider a run for office in Georgia, where he resides. "In 2020, I plan on running for sheriff."

“I haven’t made my mind up yet,” Shaq added as to where he'd run -- the NBA legend lives outside of Atlanta, and also owns property in Florida.

"This is not about politics. This is about bringing people closer together," Shaq said as to why he wants to lead a police force. "You know, when I was coming up, people loved and respected the police, the deputies. And I want to be the one to bring that back, especially in the community I serve."

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And in a time when community policing is the topic of many conversations, Shaq believes his notoriety can help him in connecting with the communities he'd serve.

"I can put on a suit and have a conversation with Bill Gates. I can go in the hood and talk to the homies, and talk to the children," he explained.

Shaq's interest in law enforcement is not just a phase either. The basketball player has long taken an interest in the field, having served as a reserve officer in Los Angeles and Miami Beach. He was even named an honorary U.S. Deputy Marshall in 2005.

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We wish Shaq luck in his pursuit, and hope he does some campaigning with Olympian Simone Biles, if only because the two of them standing next to each other is an absolute joy to see.

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