'Shark Tank' Star Daymond John Reveals Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis: 'I Want to Share This With People'

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The father of three says he 'wants to be here' to walk his three daughters down the aisle.

Daymond John is opening up about his recent thyroid cancer diagnosis in the hopes of helping others.

The Shark Tank star revealed on Wednesday's episode of Good Morning America that he discovered he had stage 2 thyroid cancer last year.

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“I had an extensive physical and they discovered there was a nodule on my thyroid,” John told host Robin Roberts. “They removed it and it was stage 2 cancer on my thyroid."

"I didn’t skip a beat. I got some early detection and I understood that I had a challenge and if I attack it now, then I wouldn’t let it attack me. I had that removed," he continued. "I didn’t miss anything. I was out partying and dancing two days later -- not that I should of."

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John, who said he is doing "absolutely great" despite having to monitor his thyroid "for the rest of my life," is hoping that telling his story will inspire others to be proactive about their health.

"I have another half of my thyroid still in," he shared. "In the event it comes back, I will have to fight it.”

“I want to share this with people because that’s what success is, it’s staying in your family’s lives, it’s being around, and that’s what success is,” he explained. “I have three beautiful daughters and I want to be here to walk them down the aisle, I want to be there to protect them, I want to be there for them to keep yelling at me and ignoring me.”

“And this is how it happens, by going out, getting mammograms, colonoscopies ... and all the things to find out what’s going on,” John added. “Because you can prevent this
and you can stay around in your family’s life. We need each other.”

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