Chris Pratt Hilariously Volunteers 'Parks and Rec' Alter Ego Burt Macklin for Vacant FBI Director Position


On Tuesday, President Donald Trump shocked the nation when he abruptly fired FBI Director James Comey, and announced that the search for a new director will begin immediately.

Well, it looks like Chris Pratt might have already come up with the perfect candidate: FBI Agent Burt Macklin!

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Pratt took to Twitter on Wednesday to offer Macklin's services, writing, "Just lemme know."

The badass FBI character was the alter-ego/imaginary persona of Pratt's Parks & Recreation character, Andy Dwyer, and might be one of the best running jokes on the show.

From his efforts to stop international art thief Janet Snakehole to his less-than-clandestine infiltration of the Wamapoke County Records office, Burt Tyrannosaurs Macklin is a man of action -- despite his former retirement, faked death, and getting framed for stealing the president's rubies.

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Pratt's Parks and Recreation co-star Nick Offerman later took to Twitter to throw his support behind Macklin's candidacy as a potential FBI Director.

"You thought he was dead? So did the president's enemies. MACKLIN," Offerman wrote, along with an American flag emoji

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