Paul Walker's Mom Says She Didn't Want to Go on Anymore After His Death

Paul Walker's Mom Says She Didn't Want to Go on Anymore After His Death

Paul Walker's mom is still grieving the actor's death nearly four years later.

The late actor's mother, Cheryl, and his younger brother, Caleb, recently appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, where they discussed the painful aftermath of Walker's death in November 2013. Cheryl admits she "didn't really want to" go on after hearing the devastating news.

"I know I have this wonderful family, and grandchildren too -- I felt guilty for even feeling like that, but I, really, honestly, would wish that I didn’t have to wake up in the morning,” she said. "I would never have taken my life but, I really felt that way. Because when you wake up, you have to realize it’s real, and you relive it all over again."

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Time also has not healed all wounds.

"People think that you should just get over it, but they've never experienced it, so," Cheryl said, clearly emotional. "There are people that have, and my heart goes out to all of them. It's heartbreaking."

ET spoke to Walker's dad, Paul Walker III, in November 2014, who also candidly talked about the extent of his grief.

"We're a very close, loving family and Paul is a piece that's missing now, that we're always going to miss," he said. "We're very much in shock. I'm missing him more now, the last month. It's not getting any better for me."

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Walker's Fast & Furious co-star, Vin Diesel, accepted the Generation Award at the MTV Movie & TV Awards last Sunday on behalf of the massive successful franchise, and of course, paid tribute to Walker.

"I could never stand on this stage and talk about Fast and Furious without giving love to my brother Pablo -- our brother Pablo -- we hope you're proud," Diesel said, holding the trophy up toward the heavens.

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