'Scandal' Star Katie Lowes Announces Her First Pregnancy, Addresses Cancellation Rumors

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Quinn’s having a baby! Scandal star Katie Lowes visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night where she broke the news that she and hubby, Adam Shapiro, are expecting a son.

“My husband and I, we are expecting our very first baby! It’s our first one, it’s a boy,” she revealed.

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As for names, the couple isn’t so sure.

“We have zero names. My husband’s a huge basketball fan so for years we’ve been calling him ‘LeBron,’” she quipped.

“It’s a joke, like, when people come over to the house, there’s a room right next to our room, and we’ll say, ‘You know, someday this is going to be LeBron or LeBrona’s room.’”

In addition to picking out a name for her future son, Lowes, 35, has also been getting everyone in her life prepared for her impending bundle of joy.

“I’m getting the house ready. I’m getting everybody at work ready. I told Shonda [Rhimes] within, like, I told her, like, five minutes from being pregnant,” Lowes said of the Scandal creator. “You know what she said to me? She already knew. Because she’s Shonda, she’s a genius. She knows everything that’s going on in the world.”

“I think she’s in the editing room with us for hours looking at my face and she could tell I had a really good weekend eating pizza and beer or I was pregnant,” Lowes added. “Then I told Guillermo [Diaz], who plays Huck, I told him next. It was not great because he just came up to me out of the blue -- we’re super tight -- and he was like, ‘Whoa your boobs look super big!’ and I was like [mimes crying], ‘I’m pregnant!’”

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Lowes remained vague on the topic of her hit ABC show returning, though her pregnancy certainly doesn’t confirm a cancellation. Star Kerry Washington has successfully hidden both of her pregnancies while filming.

But as for rumors that Season 7 will be Scandal’s last, Lowes notes that she’s not the person to talk to.

“I have read things like that as well. You have to ask Shonda or ABC. Ask them,” she insisted.

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