EXCLUSIVE: Kaia Gerber Dishes on Dating, Says She and Mom Cindy Crawford Have More in Common Than Just Looks

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Like mother, like daughter!

Taking after your mom is not a bad thing when she's a supermodel. But for Cindy Crawford's mini-me daughter, Kaia Gerber, the similarities are more than skin deep, as she explained to ET's Nancy O'Dell at the Best Buddies charity event over the weekend.

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"It's not even just the way that we look alike," 15-year-old Kaia said. "We have the same mannerisms... just like, the way we react to certain situations is the same -- and I think that's where it really shines through how much alike we are."

And if there's one thing Kaia says people would be surprised to learn about her mom, she says it's that Crawford is normal. "People would be like, 'How is it that Cindy Crawford is your mom?' And I'm like, 'No, that's my mom! That's not Cindy Crawford!'" she joked. "She's my mom and I think people would be surprised to see she's the least diva, just like, [most] easy-going person I know."

As for what she's passed down to her daughter, Crawford says she hopes it’s a sense of self. "I think the best thing that I tried to pass on to [Kaia] is to just be true to yourself and to feel like you're good enough just the way you are," she explained. "And then, anything else that you want to do, just listen to that voice inside." 

Kaia also revealed that she hasn’t yet started dating -- but when she does, she and Crawford both expect it will be her father, Rande Gerber, and 17-year-old brother, Presley who will have the most to say about it.

"I feel like she hasn't really gone on an official date yet," Crawford said. "[She] did go to prom with kind of a friend, but she hasn't had, like, the first boyfriend yet -- and if Rande and Pressley have anything to say about it…"

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"I think she's the last one that would have an issue with [dating]"” Kaia added of her mom. "They'd first have to get through my brother and my dad so she wouldn't… if they got through them, she'd be ecstatic."

Check out more of the twinning mother-daughter duo in the video below.

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