Rosario Dawson's Cousin Dead After Being Found Unresponsive in Actress' Home

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The 'Sin City' star is dealing with a family tragedy, ET has learned.

Rosario Dawson has lost someone close to her.

The Sin City star's cousin has died after being found unresponsive in the actress' home last Thursday, ET has learned

An official for the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office tells ET that the deceased relative, 26-year-old Vaneza Vasquez, was later pronounced dead at the hospital on May 11.

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"She had some medical issues going on hypertension, migraines and she was under a doctor’s care and he had prescribed some medications," the official reveals. "[The doctor] had also referred her to a cardiologist but she hadn’t followed up. She was discovered unresponsive in the living room of her cousin's residence."

"Paramedics responded and transported her to St. John's, were she was eventually pronounced. Her autopsy is currently pending," the official continues, noting that the family has yet to recover the body as they are still making arrangements."

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Meanwhile, an L.A. Fire Department spokesperson confirms to ET that they responded to an "unspecified medical aid request" last Thursday in the vicinity of Dawson's home.

ET has reached out to Dawson's rep.

Vasquez's autopsy results are forthcoming, but early indications show that she likely died from natural causes, according to TMZ. The publication also reports that Vasquez did not have a history of substance abuse.

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