Spencer Pratt Reveals How He Blew $10 Million, Why Heidi Montag Won't Let Him Be in the Delivery Room

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Spencer Pratt says he managed his money like a "straight lunatic."

During a recent interview on PodcastOne's LadyGang podcast, hosted by The Insider's Keltie Knight, actress Becca Tobin and designer Jac Vanek, Pratt -- who is expecting his first child with wife Heidi Montag -- revealed how he lost $10 million in the years after The Hills ended. 

"That’s definitely a fact. It’s so easy to do that," Pratt confessed. "I was the guy that, like, handed my friends stacks of cash, like, ‘I got you bro.’ Straight lunatic."

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"My ego was so big that I was like, ‘Oh, I’m going to be Tom Cruise, so money’s not a thing.’ And then you listen to gangsta rap about ‘spend, spend, spend,’ all day. I’m like, 'Spend, spend, spend.' So my advice would be, like, listen to classical music and like, you know, probably don’t imagine yourself as Tom Cruise," he joked. "But yeah, spending money is super easy."

"I mean, I was going to Cut in Beverly Hills when it was popping, and I was ordering bottles of Screaming Eagle at like $4,000 a bottle, and then I would get one sip because I’m sharing it. I’m like, ‘Let’s get another one so I can have a glass,'" he recalled. "So, it’s really easy [to spend money]."

Pratt said he also spent a considerable amount on money on jewelry and other pieces they no longer own.

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"Jewelry -- I had Jesus pieces that I don’t even have anymore. I lost it, gave it away, moved to Costa Rica, left a house full of stuff to be robbed. I wasn’t really thinking too hard. Pure narcissist," he explained. "What it was, was I was battling so much hate that, like, you just, ‘Oh I’m so hated. Well, f**k it. Nah, look at my life. I can buy, buy, buy, you know?’ So, I think if everyone was like, ‘I love Spencer,’ I would have been like, ‘Chill’ and not having to, like, buy multiple vehicles, and buy all these clothes I don’t even like wearing."

"I think I was projecting, like, well, it’s worth it, when it wasn’t," he admitted. "I would rather be where I’m at now than there, with all the money and fame, because at least I can go to sleep at night.”

While Pratt is now preparing for fatherhood, he said he won't be in the delivery room when Montag gives birth later this year.

"At the ultrasound, I pretty much fainted to the point of, where the lady was like, ‘I don’t know if you can come back in here. It’s dangerous. You’re going to hit your head,'" the 33-year-old reality star said. "Heidi doesn’t even want me in the delivery room. I figured out, I’m going to sit in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank, and hire my own personal nurse to dose me, and maybe have some nitrous, but like, the whole, like, ‘Let me look in here’ action -- that’s way past where I’m at."

"My goal is to just be in the room energetically, like, ‘You did it honey. Yeah!’" he added.

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Pratt also opened up about why now was the right time to have a baby -- after nearly a decade of marriage, and years of shutting down Montag's pleas to have children.

"Heidi had wanted a baby since I met her so she, like, mentally and emotionally, was always trying, but we knew we were going to do the Celebrity Big Brother All-Stars because they had already told us after the first one, ‘We’re going to do an All-Stars.’ So I was always, like, ‘You can’t be pregnant. This is an insane check. We can’t say no. Even if you had the baby ahead of time, you’re not going to want to leave your new child to go live in a nightmare for, like, six weeks or whatever,'" he shared.

"[When] we did this Big Brother, we got along with everybody, which nobody ever likes when you’re watching a television show, so we got out early -- so they had to put us up at a five-star hotel for, like, 10 days. We’re styling. So, Heidi’s like, ‘Can we have a baby now?'" he explained. "Next day, she’s pregnant.”

Listen to the full LadyGang podcast episode here. 

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