Goldie Hawn on Why She Isn't Fighting Ageism in Hollywood: 'There's a Certain Reality'

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Goldie Hawn on Why She Isn't Fighting Ageism in Hollywood: 'There's a Certain Reality'

Goldie Hawn is getting candid about her thoughts on aging in show business.

The 71-year-old actress opens up in Harper's Bazaar's June/July issue about her long career, and explains why she isn't angry about ageism when it comes to roles for older actresses.

"You think you're going to fight the system?" she asks. "You think you're going to prove to Hollywood when you hit 45 that you’re still a sexy, viable object? No. There's a certain reality."

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"Does it make me angry? No. I’m not an angry person," she adds. "I’m not a militant person. Anger doesn’t get you anywhere. It’s not productive."

As for criticism that she's faced in the types of roles she chooses, such as her ditzy bombshell character in the '60s series Laugh-In, Hawn is similarly unaffected.

"An editor from a women's magazine came up to me and said, 'Don't you feel terrible that you’re playing a dumb blonde?'" she recalls. "I said, 'I don't understand that question because I'm already liberated. Liberation comes from the inside.'"

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Still, Hawn has obviously pushed for more roles for women, starring in female-driven films like 1992's Death Becomes Her and 1996's The First Wives Clubs.

"Even though we were all stars, [Hollywood] was nervous about the movie," Hawn reveals about starring in The First Wives Club alongside Bette Midler and Diane Keaton. "For First Wives, we all took a cut in our salary, we all took a cut in our back end. Because the studios were never sanguine on trusting that women carrying a movie would actually work."

After her role as Amy Schumer's mom in Snatched, which marked her return to the big screen after a 15-year break, Hawn says she's definitely interested in taking on more projects in show business -- just don't expect the status quo.

"There's so much to say about the decades I've lived through," she explains. "I've never gone the normal route, whatever that is. If it even exists."

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