EXCLUSIVE: LeToya Luckett Opens Up About Destiny's Child and the Advice She'd Give to Her Younger Self

She also gave advice to today's girl groups.

Who better to give girl groups advice than an original member of one of the biggest groups of all time? Destiny’s Child veteran LeToya Luckett spoke with ET’s Courtney Tezeno during Wednesday’s Facebook Live about her time in the iconic girl group and her advice for her younger self and for the bands that have come since.

“We were babies,” she told ET of her time in Destiny’s Child. “With any relationship that you have, don’t lose yourself in it. You know be in it. Be a part of it. Give yourself and allow yourself to be open, but protect your heart and protect your space.”

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The 36-year-old singer further reflected on her time in DC from 1993 to 2000, in which the group, which included Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and LaTavia Roberson, produced two hit records.

“I think the beautiful thing about DC is none of us came into this to use it as a platform to go solo,” she noted. “We were just four girls who wanted to sing. That's it. I think the best thing that you can do is be a team player and play your role.”

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She also recalled working with Beyonce to get her harmonies right.

“I remember, at times -- someone caught it on video -- when I was trying to get my part in the booth and Bey was actually in there sitting in the corner of the booth trying to help me get it,” Luckett reminisced. “You know, whatever this note was. But she was in there supporting me the whole time. And that's what a group is. That’s the beauty of the group.”

As for advice she’d give to today’s girl groups like Fifth Harmony, Luckett had simple answer.

“We were supportive of each other and that's how it should be,” she said of Destiny’s Child. “So that's the advice that I would give. If you're going to be in a group, be in a group. And if you're coming in with other intentions then you need to be honest about it upfront.”

Luckett and Roberson exited the group in 2000 after an alleged feud with Beyonce’s father and then-manager, Mathew Knowles. They were replaced by Michelle Williams. Luckett said the departure was upsetting and also opened up about a common misconception.

“People always say, ‘When you left...’ I hate when people say, ‘When you left,’” she said. “Why would I leave Destiny’s Child? Ask yourself that before saying that. I didn’t leave. It was a decision that was made and that’s the end of that. Now what God did afterwards was allow me to come into my own and pushed me into my purpose by allowing me to become a solo artist. And trust me I went kicking and a screaming.”

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So what would she say to her young self now?

“Communicate, stand up for yourself and don’t lose yourself. I think it’s very important to keep your own identity. Again, we were so young. We were so young. Look at that. I didn’t know none of this stuff. I just wanted to be with my friends.”

Luckett’s new album Back 2 Life is in stores and available on iTunes.