EXCLUSIVE: 'Bachelor' Stars Amanda Stanton and Newly Single Lauren Bushnell are Starting a Business

Stanton also shared an update with ET about how Bushnell is doing since splitting from Ben Higgins.

They say success is the best revenge!

Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise star Amanda Stanton tells ET she and newly single Lauren Bushnell are planning on going into business together.

“We want to start an online boutique,” the 27-year-old revealed when she swung by ET for a Facebook Live on Tuesday.

“We’ve been talking about it for so long and I feel like we’ve just been putting it off because we’ve been so busy and just dealing with a lot, but hopefully we'll get started on it pretty soon,” she said.

Stanton says customers can expect “everything” at their yet-to-be-named online shop, “clothes, shoes, accessories.”

Bushnell announced her breakup from Ben Higgins earlier this month and relocated to Los Angeles.

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“They’re both such great people and they both love and respect each other so much and things just didn't work out,” she said, adding, “Sometimes that happens with two really good people… it just doesn't work and it's sad. I’m sad for them, but think they'll be OK.”

Stanton, who called off her engagement from Josh Murray in December, also said the pressure of being a ‘Bachelor’ couple is difficult.

“I think you get engaged so quickly and under such weird circumstances, that it’s already hard to go back to the real world and pick up from there, but I think also the pressure from fans and everybody who watches the show -- you don’t want to let them down, so I definitely think that adds kind of like a weird pressure to your relationship.”

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The mom of two says she is continuing to support Bushnell through the split.

“She was so great and supportive throughout my breakup [with Josh Murray]... So I’m definitely trying to be there for her,” Stanton shared, adding she’s been “driving up to L.A. to just hang out because I know it can be lonely and, yeah, just trying to help her get through it."